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East Coast Lifestyle Expanding A Regional Apparel Brand Case Solution

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East Coast Lifestyle, a Nova-scotia based apparel company is a start-up business set by a college student in 2013 focused on preserving maritime pride. East Coast Lifestyle gained a lot of popularity in a very short period. The problem arose when it needed to be determined how the ECL should expand its brand strategically given a few options that were available to it.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. Introduction and Problem Identification

  2. Marketing strategies and Analysis

  3. Recommended Action Plan

Case Analysis for East Coast Lifestyle Expanding A Regional Apparel Brand

2. Marketing strategies and Analysis

The industry in which the business operates is highly competitive with major high end brands having a significant share in the market. ECL established a distinct image for itself by tapping on the previously unexplored opportunity. It established its brand as a lifestyle brand and combined it with the element of regional pride so that the people are encouraged to be proud of who they are. Thus, bringing in an emotional appeal to build its brand as people could resonate with it (Chang & Chieng, 2006).

Apart from this, ECL was able to establish itself as the market leader in Atlantic Canada through retail outlets, Facebook and displaying its products on a superstore. Thus despite the competitive landscape focused on niche segments, it had an edge because of greater reach together with brand recognition as it had narrowed its specialized products for premium consumers of surf, skates and snow fashion by closely aligning the promotional offers with them. By doing so, it was able to make itself recognized as a specialized brand, thus securing higher margins.

Another strategy adopted by ECL was that it introduced limited editions of its products. The limited edition products helped keep the customers attracted as once that batch sold out, it wasn't produced again. This directly helped increase its product base and enabled it to produce a vast range of logoed items as the cycle of its products was quite low with very high inventory turnover. This is because scarce products attract customers, thus boosting sales volume (Gierl & Huettl, 2010).

ECL's use of the ambassador program on Instagram shows how intelligently it was able to use influential Instagrammers to promote its brand around the globe. By tying up their commission revenue with sales generated by them, it directly worked on increasing its sales volume and expanding its global reach (Valette-Florence, Guizani, & Merunka, 2011). Thus, by this, its brand was able to be recognized in countries beyond Canada and the United States. Furthermore, it also had a positive impact on ECL’s own Instagram account, and by gaining insights through customer feedback, it was better able to assess the products to be its core brands.

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