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Ellen Moore (A): Living and Working in Korea Case Solution

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  • For any international project, culture plays a significant role as we are dealing with a different environment and a different value system. Hence, in the case of Ellen Moore, an understanding and respect for local culture and norms would lead to more effective handling of the project. The Korean consultants would be more motivated in their work if their American counterparts display their respect for local customs, including business etiquette in South Korea. Hence, the role of principals and other stakeholders is vital to the success of the project in a foreign land.   

  • Training is another success factor which currently is majorly required to assist the Korean consultants in project management and implementation. Hence, Ellen Moore and her senior management in the regional office should understand that a Korean trainer would be more acceptable to the Korean consultants. The consultants are likely to be happy with the training if a dexterous Korean trainer was to explain to them the concepts of project management and implementation.

  • The US consultants have to understand that they are on the receiving end as they are not only working with Korean colleagues but also serving Korean clientele. Hence, submission to the will of clients will yield good relationship and returns to the US consulting firm. While initially being on the receiving end, the US consultants can expect their attitude and behaviour to bear fruit in terms of a longer relationship with the Korean consultants and further development of the project. Therefore, they should not be taken aback if they are currently on the receiving end. The objectives of the joint venture should stay on priority of all consultants.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution:

  1. Critical Success Factors

  2. Conclusion

Ellen Moore A Living and Working in Korea Case Analysis

  • The success of the project is also dependent on the Korean consultants’ acceptance of Ellen’s and Andrew’s expertise in the field, and they also have to respect their coaching abilities. It should be understood that such people were selected for the project due to their abilities of handling a project of this nature. The roles of Mr. Park and Mr. Song are essential here to emphasize the seniority and expertise of Ellen and Andrew to their team. However, this is only possible if Mr. Song and Mr. Park also come over their prejudices and whole-heartedly accept the team of SCG as competent persons in the joint venture.    

  • Project mission and vision must continue to be emphasized by senior management of both firms in the joint venture. The mission and vision as well as core values should be visible to the workforce of JVI in the office premises. Only if all teams who are part of the project clearly know why they are together will they be able to come over their differences and work towards successful completion of the project. This point will serve as a critical success factor if the senior management of both firms in the joint venture continues to give regular briefings on the mission, vision, and core values.

  • Another major factor attributable to the success of the project is the role of Ellen Moore. She should be looked upon as a team member who brings expertise and not as one who is in the country to impose Western business values and dominate her Korean fellows. Currently, a lot of resentment exists for Ellen Moore, especially among senior ranks in the Korean firm. Hence, Mr. Song should play his part and cut down on the Korean consultants’ biases.

  • As an important representative of the Korean firm and as a consultant on the project for JVI, the role of Jack Kim as well is important for successful completion of the project. There should be clear reporting lines and job descriptions so that there is no conflict of interest.

  • Similarly, both internal and external communications are vital for the completion of the project in an effective and timely manner. The understanding of the case identifies communication gap as a crucial problem in the given scenario. It is the communication gap which is leading to bring out more frustration and anger among the senior management of both companies that form the joint venture. Hence, effective protocols for internal and external communication would be a critical success factor.    

  • An understanding of local laws, customs, and taxation would lead the Systems Consulting Group (SCG) to be able to perform their work more efficiently and also be able to benefit from any tax rebates that are available for firms operating in the country.


In conclusion, it can be said that human relations have been identified as important factors in the success of the international project.

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