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EnterAll InfoSec Solutions Growing an Ethical Hacking Business Case Solution

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With the advancement in the use of Internet, internet security became a major source of concern, due to increased frauds by the hackers. Mr. Anand and Lukshman established a company named EnterAll InfoSec Solutions (EISS). They have the model of the company which would be providing the services to the customers like the students and adolescents who are interested in learning how the hacking works and how it feels to be a hacker. The other aspect of the EISS company model was to provide the services to the corporate business and the well-established financial firms. EISS Company did have the quite appreciating start, as it attracted quite considerable number of the students in first year who were interested in learning more about hacking. But the issue of the concern was the sustainability of EISS in the ethical hacking market, as it has quite challenging competitors.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution:

  1. Introduction

  2. Problem Statement

  3. Strategic Plan

  4. Action Plan

  5. Financial Plan

EnterAll InfoSec Solutions Growing an Ethical Hacking Business Case Analysis

Problem Statement

As EISS was newly established company it was very challenging for it to fight for the customers from its well established competitors. Further it was very difficult to find the ethical hacker as their demand was 77000 but there were only 15000 available ethical hackers. So, EISS has to have an effective strategic plan which would enable it to survive in a competitive environment.

Strategic Plan

The core problem for the EISS was to have the trusted Ethical hackers on whom Anand and Lakhshman could trust. Ethical Hackers are those, who work for the organization and help them in finding the flaws in their secure computer operating systems. So at the time, the demand of the ethical hacker was more than the actual number of ethical hackers in the market. So it was very challenging to find the experienced ethical hackers. The solution to this problem was that Anand and Lakhshman could look for their hacker friends, as they were also hackers hence they would be having links to the other hackers. After getting the trusted ethical hackers on board, they could give them the training session on ethics. It is very important for the ethical hacker to remain ethical and sincere to their clients because an ethical hacker has option to hide the invulnerabilities in the client's security systems and then later use the required knowledge of the client's security system to actually hack it. Thus, in order to get new and unknown ethical hackers into the territory of EISS, Anand and Lakshman have to accept big risks attached with the hiring of new employees. This problem could be limited, by hiring the new ethical hackers through the internships as Anand and Lakshman would be able to know well about the employees before finally hiring them. Moreover, Anand and Lakshman could get a great pool of the trainers which would be low cost as compared to the hiring of full time trainers, for their B2C model of the EISS.    

Moreover, it was very important for the Anand and Lakshman to ensure such an environment in their company so that the hackers may not feel caged, but also put the best efforts by working within the limits set by the company. For this EISS should have the employee friendly environment, and it should delegate the authority and accountability to its employees. Thus the employees may feel the ownership of EISS and perform their best for the uplift of their company.

Action Plan

i. Attracting More Clients

As EISS was a newly established company so it was very difficult for it to attract the clients from its competitors. EISS had not any brand name and also not well known, so in order to raise the status of the company, Anand and Lakshman had to have a good marketing plan. The company was not much established so they did not had much of the budget for advertisement of the company. So, the need of the time was to have an effective and innovative advertising plan which should be cost effective and efficient in attracting the customers.

EISS had two business models one was B2C and the other was B2B. Thus it has two types of the customers to attract. In B2C model EISS has to attract the costumer, like the students or the professionals who want to pursue, ethical hacking as a career. In order to attract this type of the customers, EISS could have the informational sessions in the universities, which would be less expensive than other way of the advertising. Moreover they could organize some competitions of the hacking having the cash prize along with the induction of the participants on the participation fee. This program would allow them to establish their name in the market of Ethical hacking.

For the B2B customer’s type, EISS could use the advertisement technique. But the advertisement could be online on the websites which were providing the security softwares not of high quality. Moreover they could go to the business firms and could challenge their security systems. If the ethical hackers of EISS could break into the security system of the challenged organization, they could offer them, to provide more secure and protective ethical security system.

ii. Expansion

The company needed the expansion for its long term sustainability. They could affiliate with the other recognized companies. As Anand and Lakshman were also trying to make affiliation with the US-Based Ethical hacking, which would give them the recognition and more trust of the customers?

iii. Funding

Capital is the foremost necessity for any business to flourish so is for the EISS. Anand and Lakshman were looking to have more capital investment in their business. They could get this done by taking the loan from the bank, or by getting the sponsorships from the superior companies.

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