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EMC2 Delivering Customer Centricity Case Solution

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Firstly, EMC has diversified its customer base as now it targets corporate, small businesses and individuals as well. EMC’s business strategy revolved around providing high-end service to all its customers regardless of their size (Kotler & Keller, 2016). As EMC has delved into new customer segments, it is having difficulty in providing dedicated services to customers and providing high-end services uniformly to all customers as it increases the cost of service and requires more resources to cater to all customers (Best, 2014).

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. What is the main problem of the case?

  2. How will you solve the problem? Develop a conceptual framework involving both the market theories/concepts and other theories/concepts from other relevant fields?

  3. What is your recommendation? Develop a systematic analysis, generate some insights, and draw some conclusion prior to making a decision.

  4. Mention 2 companies from different sectors in Indonesia that encounter the same challenges. What are your general recommendations to those companies based on your analysis of the EMC case?

Case Analysis for EMC2 Delivering Customer Centricity

Secondly, with value-added resellers who help in the selling of EMC’s products, EMC is being distanced from end-users and having trouble maintaining customer relationships as an outsider party connects with the end-user of the (Saavedra, 2016).

2. How will you solve the problem? Develop a conceptual framework involving both the market theories/concepts and other theories / concepts from other relevant fields?

In order to cater to different customer segments, EMC needs to redesign its customer service depending on the size of the purchase made. It needs to focus on the behavioral segmentation of its customers based on their product purchase, loyalty, engagement, and usage of EMC’s products (Remesher, 2020). For instance, for high-end sales to loyal corporates, EMC can continue with maintaining dedicated after-sales service for them but for small scale purchase by individuals, EMC can have a low cost through a standardized system of service to third party sellers and focus more on selling low-cost products through e-commerce where the sales force is not required, and customers can navigate their way to make the purchase online. 

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