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Gonchar Investment Bank Case Solution

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There are three alternatives available for Grant to choose from and prepare a report based on the same. Firstly, Grant could agree with the policy that would permit Gonchar to make investments in Ukrainian stocks. At the same time, Grant should refrain from providing any suggestions for business changes. This would enable the company to expand their services, increase the bottom line and maintain the status quo. The government would also not be perturbed; however, Grant would have to compromise on his values and face the risk of losing his reputation amongst the clients.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. What are the alternatives for the case characters?

  2. Evaluate each alternative according to teleologicalism, utilitarianism, egoism and deontologicalism? 

Case Analysis for Gonchar Investment Bank

Secondly, Grant could disagree with the policy and the establishment of an asset management company. This would enable him to maintain his reputation and values and be honest towards his clients, something that he does not want to compromise on and rightfully so. This would put Grant in a difficult spot as the management would not be happy as their hopes for additional revenue would be shattered.

Lastly, Grant could agree with the addition of a new asset management company but without a human resource department resulting in only on the job training for the graduates and new hires. This would enable the company to grow and Grant to maintain his values and reputation.

2. Evaluate each alternative according to teleologicalism, utilitarianism, egoism and deontologicalism?

• Teleologicalism

According to teleologicalism, the right act is the one that Grant should pursue, and the doctrine states that decisions based on moral and ethical principles will eventually result in the best outcome for an individual or organization. In this case, the first outcome would become invalid as Grant would have to compromise on his values. The second alternative, to reject the policy and the establishment of a new asset management company would be ideal and in line with teleologicalism. The third alternative, if adopted carefully would also be in line to a certain extent since Grant’s values would not be compromised.

• Utilitarianism

Utilitarianism is similar to teleologicalism since it suggests that the best moral action would be the one that maximizes utility for an organization or individual. According to this principle, the first alternative would not be in line with its doctrine, since the wellbeing of the stakeholders would be compromised. The second alternative is in line with the moral and ethical boundaries and would hold true in the case of Utilitarianism. The last option would also to a certain extent be in line with Utilitarianism given the new asset management company is formed in a fashion that the stakeholder interests remain intact.

• Egoism

According to Egoism, one’s self is, or should be, the motivation and the goal to achieve what an individual wants. Egoism could be based on motivation or ethics based on the individual personality. Since Grant has been honest and took pride in his values, Egoism, in this case, would base on his values. In line with the same, the first option would remain futile since it does not fulfill ethical norms set by Grant. The second option would be ideal and suitable for him, and the third option yet again would be fair but only if the policy does not forfeit interests of clients.

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