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Heather Evans Case Solution

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1937 875 Words (3 Pages) Howard H. Stevenson, Michael J. Roberts Harvard Business School : 384079
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Arden & Co is a potential investor but Heather has higher expectations with this investor. Instead of getting more time on it, it should focus more on getting funds from investors that can provide her investments at the time of need. She can later approach them for the need of finances’ keeping her interest of name, control and remaining private.

Venture capitalist firms needs more time to make decisions, so she should keep negotiations with them, but certainly, they are not going to get investments quickly. Addition to that, she will have to give control of business, and she will have to get tough bargains.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. Evaluate the opportunity / business model for Heather Evans.

  2. Evaluate Heather’s efforts to date in the case.

  3. Evaluate her business plan.

  4. Evaluate each of her financing alternatives. Who should she approach and on what terms?

Case Analysis for Heather Evans Case Solution

1. Evaluate the opportunity / business model for Heather Evans.

Heather Evans was active in figuring out the opportunity and worked really hard to capitalize on this opportunity. This opportunity seems to be well planned, with 4ps of marketing and segmentation studied quite extensively. Addition to that, this opportunity appears to be quite attractive for investors, as well. If one looks at the skills and opportunity, then it appears to have a good fit between her skills, her enthusiasm and the market needs she identified. Moreover, the segment identified is unsatisfied; this segment is quite fragmented and at the same time, it is growing. The capital needed for this business is not extensive, and so the initial investment. If one analyses the control factor, Heather, like many other entrepreneurs, want to have full control including designing and managerial. This can have a downsize effect as it can include the risk as she is making her own designs without professional designers. The business plan and the financial steps or forecasts are just prepared for two years, which may also be a serious concern for investors’ reluctance. Last, but not the least, her efforts are to be appreciated as she has already hired staff, building and even paid the rent. This can be a reason to build a credibility factor.

2. Evaluate Heather’s efforts to date in the case.

Heather, since the inception of the idea, has put in lots of efforts to make this business a reality. She was very active and kept her eyes open to catch any opportunity that can add onto her business. She took lots of time and ensured an experience to develop a business plan. She took time, at the expense of her studies; she left her job to pursue her idea. She hired the person, Mr. Robert, to help her in designing. She was quite flexible with her decisions, and she did fire the designer she hired because he was not matching her expectations. She was quite proactive and anticipative. She, in order to attract the investors, built up the momentum and hired the professional and started to pay.

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