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HP Cisco Alliance A

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The tactical collaboration was first declared by HP and IOS in 1997. The main purpose of the agreement was to ensure that the co-owners could collaborate on joint efforts with an emphasis on Internet telephony, managed services, mobile, and the Energy File Servers. The strategic collaboration between the two parties produced fair returns and made good headway in the first year. The two companies' primary focus has been on new technology. Those two corporations amended their affiliation deal in 2002, which contained an effective in accomplishing as well as six comprehensive undertakings outlining the additional areas of collaboration. The two businesses came to an agreement in which HP was forced to grow far more conceptual while Cisco was forced to interact with the operational side of the company. The team members decided to ensure that Cisco would collaborate with the Cisco channel organization. This deal was modified again in 2002, with the alliance agreement increasing the focus on completing and the eight objectives closing the HP owners. The problem was that the cultural differences between the two teammates caused challenges and worries because they both worked in a related business but had developed strong connections in the global economy.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution:

  1. What are the challenges facing Jim Heal and Mike Thomas? 

  2. What are Heal’s and Thomas’s bases of power? What influence tactics are available to them?

  3. If you were appointed to an alliance manager position at HP or Cisco, what would your action plan be?

  4. If you were Steinhibler or Russell, what kinds intervention would you pursue to enable help the alliance work effectively?

Case Study Questions Answers

1. What are the challenges facing Jim Heal and Mike Thomas? 

Jim Heal and Michael Thomas confronted various issues that needed to be identified, and an acceptable solution was found.

The first major challenge they faced was differences over plan specifics, a turnover in administrative staff, various interdependencies, and the possibility of conflict. The major duty for union governance rested with an associate director inside a particular case scenario with both of them. Alliance management directs Types of Enterprise offerings and performs anything which, although benefiting the firm overall, does not favor or even harm a specific BU. The coalition executives at HP and Cisco generally believed that having one unified business strategy and KPIs was essential to the growth of any significant cooperation. The partnering, like other partnerships, encountered various problems, and it was up to the cooperation teams to overcome these problems to the greatest extent possible. Both of them have also awaited their meeting with Steinhilber as well as Johannes from Linksys. He took several thoughts regarding measures they thought the two firms should take in the near to develop still more effective cooperation. People had been supposed to design a sales strategy by taking full advantage of which collaboration and communicate that strategy to the key executives and alliances, teammates and marketers. They have also been expected to recognize how the partnership affiliates' goods and facilities could complement one another, to encourage both business entity (BU) workers and saleswomen at both corporates to carry out the tactic, and, in many situations, to create plans for successful joint products or techniques. Lastly, they were supposed to include all company departments or groups whose duties required them to communicate with the key ally as members of their digital new partnership team. Another of the alliances' manager's duties at Cisco, for instance, was to incorporate the network and customer participation organizations as members of the digital workplace.

2. What are Heal’s and Thomas’s bases of power? What influence tactics are available to them?

Although Heal, as well as Thomas, lack official influence over the bulk of the individuals with whom they deal, they must rely on their personal ties as a source of power. This is true while seeking to utilize personal ties to get something done directly or when seeking to use deep ties to convince managers to give you greater power to really get things done.

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