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Inside Intel Inside Case Solution

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Intel Corporation was founded in 1968 with the idea of developing microprocessor for the computers. The first chip was introduced in 1971 which was followed by the development of many chips that were launched in the market. Intel Inside has faced a hurdle in terms of marketing its chip and therefore significant research was done to conduct the marketing experiment. Fortunately, the company was successful in its marketing experiment that helped the brand to establish itself as a strong microprocessor company in the minds of the company. However, there was a fierce competition as big players of the market were joining hands together to build innovative items. Apple, IBM, and Motorola decided to come together to develop a chip that could give a tough time to Intel Inside. The company faced these challenges and invested in its research and development to understand the changing business environment. It was able to develop effective marketing strategies that helped the brand to communicate with its customers effectively. 

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. What was the original reason for Intel Inside?

  2. What does the Intel Inside brand stand for?

  3. What factors accounted for the success of the Intel Inside brand?

  4. State the case for extending the Intel Inside Brand.

  5. State the case for not extending the Intel Inside Brand.

  6. Reach your own conclusion and provide five points to support it.

Case Analysis for Inside Intel Inside

1. What was the original reason for Intel inside? 

Intel inside has been developing a variety of products for electronic devices for a numerous number of years. The company was founded in 1968, where the major focus was placed on the development of semiconductor memory for computers as well as minicomputers. Microcomputers were also developed by intel in the 1970s that controlled the entire processing of PCs. Apple introduced its desktop computer in 1977, after which intel began to establish itself as the market leading supplier of chips. Contracts were made with IBM. A rapid progress has been seen in the product development of the intel. Significant hurdles were faced by intel when the chips were only purchased for high-end products such as by the manufacturers of the PC. The original reason for Intel Inside was to create knowledge in the minds of the consumers as well as make their chips easily available for the consumer market. At that time, it was identified that there was a lack of energy in the company’s marketing and thus, a marketing experiment was conducted. The experiment helped to reveal that the audience was not interested in upgrading their processors and the software were not compatible enough to use with the 386 chips. Intel Inside started its campaign and showed the audience several benefits of using 386 chips in their computers. Immediately, after the campaign, the sales of the chips went up that eventually led to the success of the company as this was needed to promote the product. This also helped Intel Inside to create awareness regarding their product so that consumers do not feel reluctant to spend their money on purchasing these chips. Thus, the main reason for Intel inside was fulfilled by showing the product benefits to its final consumer. 

2. What does the Intel Inside brand stands for? 

The Intel Inside brand stands for two basic attributes: safety and leading technology. The strategy of intel inside was to build itself as the great company for semiconductors and thus, these two strategies held significant importance n the entire strategy. Under the umbrella of ‘Intel Inside’ a high end intel premium processor was introduced in 1994. In order to market this product, a separate marketing campaign was designed. As the time passed, intel developed its ‘animated jungle’. This was three second distinctive animation. Intel inside spends money on promoting its products in retail stores, hands-on demonstrations, and end-aisle displays. By adopting such promotional techniques, everyone was aware of the strong branding position of the company. This was mainly due to the continuous market research that was conducted to know how the campaign was working. In addition to this, the company was able to create itself a strong brand when the intel characters ‘Bunny people’ were developed that became an immediate hit. This was developed with the idea of promoting the intel brand. Following this, there were more than 2700 PC manufacturers who became a part of this brand. In 2001, intel inside was ranked as the sixth most valuable brand in the market. This was done alongside the other brands such as Coca Cola and Disney. The intel inside the program contributed greatly to the overall success of the company, as the microprocessors were finally viewed as an important component of the computer. It was concluded that the campaign was successful because of the technology that the company had to back up its products. In simpler terms, intel inside was able to deliver its message to the consumers by offering performance-based products. This showed that a brand cannot be pulled off without a need of backing it.

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