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Jextra Neighborhood Stores in Malaysia Case Solution

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The Jextra Business Conduct Code states that it is illegal and unethical for companies to pay any amount, or do anything improper to conduct fair business deal. Thus, no matter how tempting the offer of the Mayor may be for Chong’s personal career growth and the overall business growth, the right thing to do is not accept the vague terms of the Mayor. Since, by accepting the terms, Chong will not only be violating the conduct code of his company but will also be going against the Malaysian government promise of being transparent in transactions and harming Jextra’s reputation of a law abiding ethical company. Other steps Chong can take is to look into other philanthropic projects that the company can accept in the area and inform upper management about the situation as well.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. How should Tom Chong resolve the requests from the mayor of Klang? 

  2. How should Chong do about the rumours of bribery and kickbacks to the category manager? 

  3. Does the Jextra Business Conduct Code help Chong in resolving the issues?

  4. Are these the kinds of issues that Chong should have anticipated as a country manager? 

Case Analysis for Jextra Neighborhood Stores in Malaysia Case Solution

2. How should Chong do about the rumours of bribery and kickbacks to the category manager? 

Tim Chong should follow the Conduct Code while addressing the bribery and kickback rumours. The Conduct Code states that it is the responsibility of the supervisor to ensure that employees understand their ethical responsibilities and act according to it. Thus, Chong should hold the category manager accountable for his actions. The first step in doing so is to hold a separate confidential meeting with Alam where Chong candidly discusses about the rumours and informs Alam of the implications if the rumours are true. Holding a candid yet secretive meeting will not only give the impression that Chong has the best interests for the category manager but it will also serve as a warning if the rumours are true or a heads up for the category manager if these are just false rumours being spread by his colleagues. The second step needed to be taken by Chang is to send a general refresher to all category managers to follow the Jextra Conduct code. This can be done through courses, workshops etc. This needs to be done as research shows that if employees are led to behave that the only acceptable way for career growth is through unethical ways then they will perform to that measure and vice versa (Lumen Learning, 2021). 

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