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Podium Data Harnessing the Power of Big Data Analytics Case Solution

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The examination of all the data that originates from a company’s processes like quality inspections, client service communication, and decision-making dealings provides extraordinary considerations that could pointedly upsurge the commercial worth of businesses. Several companies have marked ‘big data’ ingenuities making them more muddled. The majority of companies do not have any iota of idea what data they generate, and they are neither aware of generating the data captured to make practical use of it.

Case Analysis for Podium Data Harnessing the Power of Big Data Analytics Case Solution

Positioning and configuring data for better use, and sieving is a time-consuming and quite costly process. The discovery of specialists who have inordinate expertise is problematic and pricey. A software program is one of the possibilities to assemble and evaluate the data.

Podium Data is providing “big data” and predictive-based requisition to various sized companies in various industries. A young start-up usually finds it tough to capture and examine the data. Hadoop assists in creating a data stream that is essentially a source of unstructured and organized data.

Talking about the Podium’s revenue model, firstly, the “pilot phase”, where the potential client will be affianced for eight weeks. Secondly, the “Operation phase”, as the previous stage ends, here the Podium strategically tries to lead these potential clients to a subscription payment income. Moreover, for clients in the future, the pilot phase would be lessened down to two weeks. And “final revenue”, is where the whole subscription charge is taken at the start and the client has the option to cancel the program and get reimbursement in ninety days.

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