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HBA Job Offer Negotiation Recruiter Case Solution

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The situation is about a consulting firm wanting to recruit specialized consultants whilst being within the budgetary restrictions that are set by the management. The firm has taken a different approach when it comes to salary negotiation with its potential employees, with them looking to offer their employees an average market rate, which doesn’t exceed more than $65,000, however, a survey of competing firms has revealed that other competing firms offer a higher salary which goes up to $95,000. Nonetheless, the firm offers an environment that fosters growth and interpersonal development of the employees in their job. The firm promises growth opportunities and opportunities to excel in the business environment, with a better working environment and incentives which are a reward for the loyalty of the employee.

Case Analysis for HBA Job Offer Negotiation Recruiter

The reason for the negotiation is due to the fact that the candidate which is considered to be a lucrative fit for the business, is able to find opportunities in businesses that offer a better package, as mentioned in the text above, and thus there exists a chance that the candidate may decline the offer made by the company in pursuit of other firms that pay well. The recruiter must decide on the offer today and thus for this reason there must be a mutual agreement on the package provided. The only issue is that the candidate, if able to negotiate a better deal than a university fellow who was hired in the previous year, would have certain tensions with the person, which may transcend into company ethics and morals as well and create an unwelcoming working environment.

The main issue when it comes to recruitment is the allocation of budgets and salaries for the employee. As mentioned in the case study text, the candidate, after rigorous testing by the company, was deemed a suitable fit for the company, and thus the urgency to hire the candidate, the issue is that the head office will not agree with a budget that is greater than $75,000, which may cause the employee to opt for other companies which are present in the industry, along with the fact that it may create problems within the employees.

The main issues which relate to the employee are simply the less basic pay which is being offered by the company, which in this era of shifting companies time to time by employees, had led to there being inflated, yet attractive salaries for employees, albeit that they have to cater unwelcoming working hours, and the fact that they would be expected to perform tasks and mainly work in teams which will not result in interpersonal growth of the employees, instead will limit their chances to excel in the long run, however, this is a blind spot for the employee and thus the potential demand for a higher salary.

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