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Coke in the Crosshairs Water India and the University of Michigan Case Solution

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The Coca Cola was allowed to temporarily continue its operations in the University of Michigan, despite its poor record of adhering to acceptable sustainable business practices in India. This decision came after the organization agreed to have independent review of the company’s organization by an external organization. This was a major upset for social organizations which have worked hard to penalize to the organization.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. Problem Statement

  2. PESTEL Analysis

  3. Organization’s Culture

  4. Goals

  5. Alternative Solutions

  6. Implementation

Case Analysis for Coke in the Crosshairs Water India and the University of Michigan

2. PESTEL Analysis

i. Political

Coke has had a history of disruption in its operations in India. The company was forced to withdraw from India in 1970s, and then came back to the country in early 1990s. Moreover, the environmental organizations (Global Resistance) were also quite vocal about the malpractices of different corporate organizations around the world. However, it is also important to note that the Indian government did not have explicit legislation that could have regulated the operations of the country. Nonetheless, the political organization in the University of Michigan was strong enough to gather support against the malpractices of the organization, and this played an important role in taking of the strict action against the organization. Overall, it was the strength of the opinion in favor of environmental sustainability which resulted in penalizing of the organization.

ii. Economic

Coke has a very successful and profitable performance in the Asian market. The company has 39000 across the globe, and in 2004, the annual revenue of the organization in 2004. Although the serving per capita consumption of coke was 26 in Asia, it was important to ascertain the huge market size of the users in India. This demonstrates the importance of the organization in the context of its contribution to employment. In US, the per capita serving stood at 411. It was, therefore, a great risk to endanger the image of the brand in such an economy.

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