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Just Us! Community-Based Tourism Case Solution

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The TBL approach focuses on one primary goal; sustainability. The phrase “People and planet before profit”, sums up the TBL approach. The three main constituents of this approach can be separately elaborated in the context with the budget for this trip in order to evaluate the preciseness of this trip accurately.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution:

  1. Evaluate how well have the TBL objectives been incorporated in the budget

  2. How has the amount of money spent in CBT supported the guidelines related to TBL concerns? Identify assumptions to your judgment.

Just Us Community Based Tourism Case Analysis

When analyzing the budget, it can be seen that people will be employed directly and indirectly. More specifically, while drivers and local guides will be directly employed by JUDES, hotel staff and other people whose services will be utilized will indirectly benefit from this program. This trip will increase economic activity just a touch and will provide local labor with some extra revenue in the form of direct employment, and indirect spending. The sustainability fee will be utilized in a manner that the local labor force will be paid for plantation. This will not only create employment, but will also create awareness for better health and education in the region.

The trip has been designed in a way that all the destinations hold significance in human history. Destinations comprise of cities that have either been world heritage cities or hold environmental significance. A visit to El Tule, which is 2200 year old tree, would create awareness amongst the participants regarding environmental sustainability and its importance, and the positive outcomes of such actions. It would create a love for this planet and highlight the importance of preserving it in the natural state for future. Sustainability fee will be utilized for plantation; this is one way of giving back to the environment.

For the TBL approach, profit is measured as the real economic benefit enjoyed by the host. It is very different from the traditional definition of profit. The budget has been allocated in a way that the trip will help participants interact with nature and traditions of historical places. It will help them bond with the past and emphasize on preservation.

Thus, the TBL objectives have been accurately built in this budget.

How has the amount of money spent in CBT supported the guidelines related to TBL concerns? Identify assumptions to your judgment.

The core values of TBL have become compelling in the modern business world due to the strong evidence of greater longer term profitability. This approach facilitates a mutually beneficial; solution for the society as a whole.

The CBT budget tries to address all relevant concerns of the TBL approach. The concerns can be broadly categorized under three subheadings.

  • Social

  • Economic

  • Environmental

The social aspect of this trip includes the benefits to the society in the form of training and education through the reciprocity fund. This training and education will uplift the status of education in the society. Also, it will affect the quality of life and health standards in the countries in the long run. It will help these people educate and train for improvement in living standards. It will help create social capital. It is assumed that this fund will initiate a greater enthusiasm for better education and improvement in living standards in the native people.

The economic aspects of this fund are limited to the job creation through the spending through sustainability fund. This fund will not only create jobs but will also ensure a smooth flow of resources. Hotel business will be uplifted, and it is assumed that the participants, on their return, would share their experience with their friends and family. Thus, an increased traffic of tourists to this region will result.

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