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Leading Teams Case Solution

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Managing successful teams is one of the most demanding tasks that a leader can ever handle. Not only does it take a lot of time and effort but also makes the functioning of the organization more challenging if team development is not in the right place. One of the things that make the teams more allied and efficacious at handling daily tasks is the ever-improving level of communication within and across the teams. Additionally, to be successful at all levels of an organization, it is crucial for a team to have a clear, concise, and well-defined goal that does not allow them to derail (Belbin, 2012).

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. Successful Teams

  2. Leading Teams at Organization Level

  3. Leading Teams at Executive Level

  4. Successful Launching

  5. Ongoing Team Dynamics and Functions & Productivity

  6. Compassion

Case Analysis for Leading Teams

2. Leading Teams at Organization Level

Working as a collective group and putting combined efforts into the coordinated tasks are extremely essential for the triumph of a team within an organization. On the other hand, it is also necessary to understand that when interdependence is vital, independence of the team members is also an indispensable factor that makes the members outshine each other (West, 2012). In both cases, it is the job of the leader to make sure that the interpersonal dynamics of the teams are appreciated and the initial moto and a sense of motivation are also kept alive to reward the team members and appreciate their sense of responsibility (Costa, Passos, & Bakker, 2014).

3. Leading Teams at Executive Level

At an executive level, leading teams might be a bit different because the people in the team have different responsibilities compared to the people of the entire organization. Nevertheless, a sense of responsibility is equally important at this level as well. While the executive team members draw out their resources and participate in the organization’s growth, the formal leadership of the team is responsible for selecting the members that are the perfect fit and also represent diversity to be able to act as a sample for the entire population of the organization (Hackman, 2002).

4. Successful Launching

To launch a successful team, it is very important for the leadership and team designers to choose the right people with the right set of skills for long-term success. Additionally, apart from the skills, another thing that should be considered in the process is choosing the people who will promote the culture of the team instead of discouraging it (West, 2012). Making sure that the team selected for a task is fluid, dynamic and also has a sufficient level of differentiation within and across themselves is very important for the launch of a successful team.  

5. Ongoing Team Dynamics and Functions & Productivity

For ongoing team dynamics, something that needs to be kept in mind is that the purpose of a team is to connect to each other, promote each other’s strengths and cover each other’s weaknesses to be able to emerge as a successful group of co-workers. In the case of team dynamics, keeping the team a center of importance is essential to remember. It is necessary to maintain a task-relationship balance to get things done up to their highest level of expectations (Dyer, 2015). On the other hand, it will make a huge difference if the team diagnoses its combined strengths and weaknesses and finds out ways to put up with them while developing a “WE” approach and collaborative behavior to promote informational exchange.

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