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Mountain Dew Selecting Creative Case Solution

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Brand communication is one of the tools which build up the brand equity in the long run because as consumers become more aware of the brand, they start to realize the brand’s “worth”. Brand communication is done so that current market share could be retained and new consumers could be attracted. Same is the case with Mountain Dew as it exhibit 7 states its communication strategy, “expand the appeal of Mountain Dew to new users while reinforcing it among current users.” Specifically, there are three main functions of brand communication. The first function is to communicate product benefits. In case of mountain dew, thirsts quenching, tasty, and energizing are the product benefits. The second function is to communicate emotional benefits. In case of mountain dew, exhilaration and excitement are the two emotional benefits. The last function is to develop a brand personality which aligns with the consumer’s personality. Mountain Dew presents itself as daring, irreverent, and fun and its customers embrace fun and adventure.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. Brand Communications

  2. Creative Decision Filters

  3. Filters

    • Benefits

    • Symbolism

    • Resonance

    • Story

    • Product Integration

    • Campaign Extension

  4. Moffitt’s Decision

Case Analysis for Mountain Dew Selecting Creative

Creative Decision Filters

Creative decision filters help the marketers and advertisers to scrutinize any given ad on the basis of 6 criteria. Following is the list of six criteria:

  1. Benefits

  2. Symbolism

  3. Resonance

  4. Story

  5. Product Integration

  6. Campaign Extension

These aspects of the ad show the level of creativity inculcated in the ad. Proficiency and efficiency of the creative department/idea can be judged on the basis of aforesaid criteria. Furthermore, marketers can predict and foresee the impact of a given ad on consumers’ mind by using these filters. These filters can be divided into three categories, brand filters, communication filters, and campaign filters. Benefits, symbolism, and resonance fall under brand filter category as these filters check the long term impact of the ad on the brand image, brand perception, brand personality, and various other brand features. Story and product integration fall under the communication filters as they try to deem the effectiveness of ad in terms of communication. Campaign extension falls under campaign filters.


1. Benefits

This filter checks whether the product benefits communicate via advertisement are compelling enough to induce purchasing action. The ad should communicate product benefits; be it implicit or explicit cue.

2. Symbolism

This filter checks whether the brand symbolism is expressed successfully or not. The ad should make sure the brand’s symbolic positioning is aligned with the main positioning strategy as any deviance can give a wrong type of signal to the consumer.

3. Resonance

Ad resonance checks the alignment of the ad with culture and other features of the target market. If the ad is aligned with the target market, it definitely will resonate with them.

4. Story

This filter checks whether story shown in the ad is original, creative, simple, or engaging. If the story is unable to excite or gain consumer’s attention then it means that there are high chances of negative reinforcement.

5. Product Integration

Presentation of the product in the ad is the most important aspect of any given ad. The challenge for any advertiser is to integrate the product in the ad to fulfill the aforesaid criteria.

6. Campaign Extension

Every campaign is carefully devised with the aim of achieving very specific goals. Therefore, the ad should be aligned with the pursued campaign so that strategic marketing goals can be achieved.

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