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Nokia India Battery Recall Logistics Case Solution

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The Case presents the recall plan of Nokia India which was executed due to the aroused situation of defected batteries. The defective batteries were manufactured in Japan. The case specifically illustrates the position of India which was compromised due to the over-whelmed media coverage. However, the company decided to get back the defective shipment. During the process, Nokia had to face various issues in its supply chain due to which managers redesigned the strategies to devise the plan smoothly. As the decision was taken at a broader level that is why the company has to rely upon various stakeholders. For India, the company had to design a brand-new strategy to deal with the situation. Moreover, Nokia had to provide alternate batteries without charging the customers and at that time their system was not efficient which caused a major issue in order to solve it, the company had to take some manual steps like generating manual invoices.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution:

  1. Take the position of Dhariwal in Nokia India: What is your role in a product recall situation? With whom would you be communicating / coordinating to execute this role? 

  2. Assess Nokia India's handling of the battery recall: What aspects of the recall do you think were handled well? What aspects have room for improvement? Explain. 

  3. What recommendations would you make to Nokia India's CEO and why?

Case Study Questions Answers

The company also had to face failure due to less knowledge of Indian consumer patterns and behaviors. Issues such as government intervention due to the public holidays were also aroused which caused delays in shipments. Due to the large bulk of shipments, the company had to contact DHL to create synergy with domestic couriers of India. Furthermore, the Diwali incident also turned out an unfavorable situation for the company due to which Nokia had to pay more to locals in order to make them work for longer hours. As mentioned, that batteries were given to customers free of cost which created another obstacle as Nokia had to prepare a logical justification in order to convince government bodies and other tax institutions. The company in the whole process was unable to reach out to all the customers due to a lack of data. However, the efficient supply chain and logistics made the plan successful as the company was able to replace 95% of batteries which saved the company from further damage.

1. Take the position of Dhariwal in Nokia India: What is your role in a product recall situation? To whom would you be communicating/ coordinating to execute this role? 

Generally, logistic controllers have to supervise, make arrangements and take charge by looking into the whole process of transportation thoroughly and then transport goods from the production place to the desired place. Dhariwal; the logistic controller of Nokia India, had the responsibility to look after the entire logistics and transportation. Specifically considering the situation of emergency like the said case, a logistic controller is responsible to sketch an effective strategy and make the execution well for the whole process of recall. In general, the recall process not only demands the involvement of replaced batteries but also at times creates a need for reverse logistics to get a defective battery back for disposition.

Role of being a logistic Controller in Product Recall Situation

To carry out the role of logistic controller in a crisis, three steps must be taken to devise a plan that how the situation can be handled without damaging the company’s reputation.

Set a goal to carry out the three-step Solution

The goal must be made to ensure that all the batteries are replaced and dispatched on time. In parallel, it is also to make sure that the defective batteries are disposed of after their safe return.

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