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Qantas Airlines-Twitter Nosedive Case Solution

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Qantas Airlines is one of Australia’s top airline service providers. They have a long history and proud tradition of serving the nation. The aboriginal symbol of a kangaroo has become their icon, and the airline had become one of the best in the world. The company started facing nightmares in 2010 when their airplanes started to rust, and their engines started to burst in flames leaving hundreds of passengers stranded at airports throughout the world.

The public image of Qantas also took a huge hit when their contest led to them being branded as racists over a photo taken in support of an Australian rugby union team. The use of aboriginal symbol also came into question after the failed publicity stunt. Further problems arose when the airlines and the labor union’s dispute took its toll leaving all their airplanes grounded, and the passengers stranded leading to a worse image of the company that can be portrayed.

Qantas Airlines Twitter Nosedive Case Analysis

The public image of the company spiraled to extreme low when their twitter contest backfired, and people started using the contest to express their frustration with the airlines, and twitter being a global social network caused a global publicity crisis. The problem went further ahead due to the lack of monitoring the contest and thanking people for their comments. The public image of Qantas has been destroyed. 

The group executive of Government and Corporate Affairs has quite a lot of work to do in order to rectify the public image of Qantas that has been destroyed in 2010 and 2011. In today’s world, social media play an integral part in spreading a message across the globe. If the campaign backfires, it can also create a publicity nightmare just like what happened with Qantas.

There are a few steps, which can help in creating a better image for the company for the future. Most important of those is to have staff designated to social media and monitoring the activities of the company online. The luxury contest became a huge negative phenomenon because of the failure to monitor twitter, and allowing the hashtag to be used for negative advertising of the company. This would not have happened, and the situation might have been controlled as soon as it became a problem through effective monitoring was taking place. The correction process starts with competitive staff whose job is to take care of social media posting and monitoring all activities.

The company should admit to all its past failures and mistakes in public and promise to rectify them by example. A press conference and video advertising might do the job of spreading the apology along with proof of some steps taken by the company to rectify their problems. A vast majority if people assume the negative if they see the negative, which further disrupts the public image especially when the social media trend is tremendously strong. A lot of the public images of Qantas has been lost, and all that can be done now is for the company to admit their mistakes and promise to correct them on a public scale so that people can see for themselves the actions that are being taken by the company. The CEO should become he public image of the company since his image has been tarnished, as well, to proof that the company can successfully communicate with the masses.

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