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Reinventing The Wheel At Apex Door Company Case Solution

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When analyzing the training process of Apex, it is seen there is no formal training in place. This is also the root cause for employees completing their tasks as per their improvisation. If employees do not receive proper training, they are handicapped when faced with a challenging situation and hence, resort to means that they know best.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. What do you think of Apex’s training process? Could it help to explain why employees do things their way? If so, how?

  2. What role should job descriptions play in training at Apex?

  3. Explain in details what you would do to improve the training process at Apex. Make sure to provide specific suggestions.

Case Analysis for Reinventing The Wheel At Apex Door Company

This can result in them doing things on their own, without proper guidance and requirements. It is evident that on the job training and training that is a result of temporary replacements on the job, do not help the new incoming employees on developing an understanding of the task, and how to manage it, in the most efficient manner. With this persistent culture, the new incoming employee is forced to use hit and trial methods or methods that he deems fit for undertaking the tasks at hand.

2. What role should job descriptions play in training at Apex?

Job descriptions are integral when it comes to highlighting and defining specific job roles of employees in an organization. Without proper job descriptions, employees would not know their responsibilities, and it would be difficult to hold them accountable for unfulfilled tasks. Without these job descriptions, which are outdated, employees would not know how they are performing and what are areas of improvement. Job descriptions would determine the type of training each employee requires, which would differ from one another. Moreover, there would be no basis for promotions and increments, as there would be no measurement of job deliverables and performance.

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