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Sherrys Growth Hurdles Of A Hobbyist Turned Entrepreneur Case Solution

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1797 805 Words (4 Pages) Subhalaxmi Mohapatra, Subhadip Roy Ivey Publishing : W14741
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The case touches upon a lot of basic issues, but it also leaves a few critical ones. The first being doing feasibility into the business and how might it do. It would only make sense to spend money on expanding if it results in significant gains.

There is also no mention of hiring staff. Mathew will need a few extra hands on board to handle the orders on a day-to-day basis. The hiring process, how many people will be hired, how they will be hired, whether any experience will be necessary or, many other important considerations are not even hinted at. 

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. What is the central theme? What is the central issue? What is the purpose of this analysis? 

  2. What are / is the stated problem(s)? 

  3. Key facts? Key takeaways? 

  4. Your recommendations for the problem(s)? 

  5. What (of relevance) is being left out of the discussion? 

  6. State your conclusion(s).

Case Analysis for Sherrys Growth Hurdles Of A Hobbyist Turned Entrepreneur

1. What is the central theme? What is the central issue? What is the purpose of this analysis? 

The case (Mohapatra and Roy) presents the issue of converting a small-scale, home-based business into a more established and organized enterprise. Setting up a proper business, albeit a small one, takes a lot of different considerations and involves a lot of planning. There are many issues that need to be addressed by the aspiring entrepreneur, Sherin Mathew, from the raising of finance to setting up the logistics of delivering baked goods on time. More than anything the case shows that a person can be very skilled at something, like Sherin is an expert baker, but doing business involves a whole new set of skills which not everyone possesses. 

2. What are / is the stated problem(s)? 

To expand her business beyond the confines of her house and grow into an established baking enterprise, Sherin Mathews has to resolve a few problems. She has to raise the finance needed to grow her business as money is needed to rent a place to operate from and purchase new equipment and tools. She also has to determine and implement a suitable marketing strategy to get the orders that would justify the expansion efforts. Mathew must also figure out a way to have the cakes delivered in a manner that will be cost-effective and deliver the cakes on time without ruining them in process.

3. Key facts? Key takeaways? 

The main takeaway that the case provides is that starting a business, whatever it may be, requires a lot of planning and attention to some basic areas, like finance, marketing, resourcing, hiring, and production. The whole process involves prior planning and entrepreneurship is much more than just selling a product or a service (Mariotti and Glackin). Sherin is being confronted by the reality of setting up a functioning business and all the problems that come with it. This is why she hired a consultant to get expert advice and guide to realize her vision. This involves deciding between different financing options, looking for a place of operations and signing the paperwork. As well as resolving issues like delivery, sourcing materials, and many more.

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