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Social Strategy at Nike Case Solution

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The case study relates to digital marketing excellence at Nike, Inc. At a time when digital marketing occupies a highly important position in terms of business communication, social networks have become essential avenues for marketing. They do not allow brands to create value but also to engage their consumers. This is particularly true for Nike, Inc., which has found social media as a great way to get closer to its customers and is becoming a companion for amateur athletes around the world. The case study shows how Nike had recognized the potential of social media during the early stages of its evolution. Nike is a forerunner in the involvement of consumers through the use of social media and created numerous platforms whereby its consumers have been turned into brand ambassadors for Nike. In short, the case study reveals how Nike has been able to raise fan communities around the brand to facilitate dialogue, commitment, and loyalty.

Case Analysis for Social Strategy at Nike

One major opportunity which emerges from the study is the introduction of the concept of a virtual personal trainer for its consumers. Nike has been highly successful in creating products that are capable of measuring highly important information about the athletic performance of its users. So far, this information has been used by amateur athletes themselves for comparing their performance with others and to gauge their performances. Close integration with social media has amplified the usefulness of this information by creating communities around the brand. The next logical marketing step for the brand is to take this concept to the creation of virtual personal trainer for its users. This is highly important since other brands will soon catch up with Nike’s lead on social media and will create communities similar to Nike. The true leverage to the production capability of Nike described above (capturing information about athletes such as heartbeat, strength, number of cycles per minute, etc.) can be put to very good use of this information is transmitted to a trainer who assesses this information to suggest improvement areas for the athletes. 

This personal trainer can either be driven by artificial intelligence in the form of a computer program which is capable of evaluating data from an athlete’s equipment and compare it with the data of professional athletes to identify improvement areas. The implementation of this concept is highly important since Nike’s customers can already track their progress, challenge themselves and share their findings with other members of the community. By adding a playful experience of a personal trainer, Nike will be able to enhance the loyalty of its customer base through real engagement and interaction with dedicated users. This marketing strategy will also strengthen commitment vis-à-vis the values ​​of the brand and its products. This suggested marketing strategy also has an emotional dimension.

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