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Storm King Mountain Case Solution

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The storm king mountain case, marks one of the deadliest cases in history, causing the loss of life of a whopping twelve firemen, atop the mountain of Storm King, Colorado in 1994. The incident, even 27 years later is regarded as one of the turning points in history regarding the health and safety of firemen around the world, as the crew raced amongst each other, and the apparent life taking, ‘can-do’ attitude of the crew is what ultimately caused the massive loss of lives.

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  1. Introduction

  2. Background 

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The incident marks the constant bereavement that pertains within many organizations, that is not the following of standard protocols and measures set forth by the authority, and as mentioned above, the attitude to put out the fire on one’s own effort soon transpired into a mob mentality, which soon snowballed into a huge catastrophe remembered even after 27 years.  

2. Background 

The Storm King Mountain is situated 8700 feet above the Interstate Highway 70 in Colorado and the terrain below it was set upon was unfortunately made up of very fire hazardous material, primarily, the Gambel Oak which is said to be highly flammable, and as cited by multiple reports; a treacherous fuel. On top of that, the location was hit upon by a massive drought in the same year, which was seen upon by an alarm to the local firefighting authorities by the National Weather Service Forecaster, classifying the area as the potential for ‘very serious situation for fire growth’.

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