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Telemonitoring At Visiting Nurse Health System Case Solution

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There are multiple benefits of telemonitoring which can assist patients to measure parameters which are essential to their health. Patients with chronic diseases can keep a record of salt level, blood pressure and weight.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. Cost & Benefits of tele monitoring

  2. Decision to Buy

Case Analysis for Telemonitoring At Visiting Nurse Health System

Secondly, the telemonitoring instrument makes sure that the customer remains compliant to take their medicine regularly by educating them about the medicine eliminating the need for rehospitalization. Moreover, the patient also gets informed about his / her disease condition. Lastly, it remotely monitors the patient's condition saving an unnecessary trip to the hospital.

The major challenge in implementing the telemonitoring system is the huge fixed cost and hosting cost. The fact that telemonitoring was not specifically covered by many commercial insurances a stable revenue stream is required. The cost system is not structured to encourage VNHS to use such devices which ensure better outcomes. The Visiting Nurse Health System will have minimum payback which is a major challenge to address. 

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