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X Fire Paintball and Airsoft is Amazon a Friend or Foe A Case Solution

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The (A) case describe X Fire Paintball and Airsoft history as a brick and mortar retailer started in 1999 by Steve Herbert Sr. and his sons began selling products on’s third-party Marketplace after three years of offline business, X Fire enjoyed a first place on Amazon as the only seller of its products so, rapid growth in online sales. After a whereas, the X Fire saw online deals decrease, after an examination found that items it was once the sole dealer of were presently sold by Amazon specifically from X Fire providers, killing the X Fire. Amazon was too disregarding the least promoted cost set by producers. How ought to X Fire protect itself? Presently, Amazon agents are drawing closer to the X Fire to empower them to offer in Amazon's littler but developing Canadian showcase. How ought to X Fire respond to this opportunity?

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. Introduction of the case & Dilemma

  2. Issues highlighted in the case

  3. Options and alternatives

  4. Challenges with the abovementioned options

  5. Challenges with Expansion to Canada

  6. Implementation

  7. Defense Mechanism

Case Analysis for X Fire Paintball and Airsoft is Amazon a Friend or Foe A

2. Issues highlighted in the case

There are certain issues given in the case:

  • X Fire online sales are dropping.

  • Amazon had begun to source products from X Fire’s supplier and sell them directly.

  • Amazon had used a data base of X Fire to test the paintball and airsoft market before entering.

  • Amazon discount manufacturer- determined minimum advertised price (MAP)

3. Options and alternatives

  • X Fire fights back with competition created by Amazon.

  • Consider the other popular online platforms.

  • X Fire should launch its own website or e-commerce website to directly deal with manufacturers and customers.

  • Put more focus on offline sales to boost it.

  • To sell its product in Amazon’s Canadian website.

4. Challenges with the abovementioned options

  • Additional staff and resources will be required.

  • Drive traffic and security issues

  • Couldn’t offer to price as it is selling through its own channel 

  • Many new costs would be added such as Advertising, warehousing, logistics, and maintenance of site costs would be increased.

  • X Fire would require to provide extra or add on services such as warranties and freebies.

  • It would require lot of efforts time and patience to build brand online 

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