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Katherine Schuler at Boxes and Bins Inc Case Solution

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Boxes & Bins, a storage and organization retailer initiated its operations in 1981. The three founders and partners of B&B led the company to success through their strong values and operating principles. In 2002, Schuler joined the company and was immediately deployed in a store, so she can experience the products, customers and employee centric culture of B&B. As an operations in – charge, Schuler exhibited strong qualities of a leader. She assisted them, motivated them and taught how things should be done by doing it herself. B&B stores performed really well and it was able to build a brand among the consumers. Schuler was promoted to become the head of merchandizing.

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  2. Analysis

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Case Analysis for Katherine Schuler at Boxes and Bins Inc Case Solution

In 2008, The Weichel group purchased 88% shares of the company, as the new company involved itself in the day to day operations of B&B; it brought many changes in the organization. The long term employees including the founder were unhappy and uncomfortable with the changes. 

Schuler was promoted as head of marketing. At the very joining of Schuler at the new position, she had to deal with the company initiating a major new marketing campaign to solve the current problems of B&B. Schuler is also at the verge of getting a promotion, but she has serious doubts about the company’s new cultural and strategic decisions

2. Analysis

Success of B &B

The three founders of B&B led the company to success through their strong values and clear operating principles.  Values build a foundation for your organization, determining the decision making process, employee behavior and interactions, and the future growth of your company (Forbes, 2021). Organization values are derived from values of the individuals that shape the culture of the organization. Values set a standard for the organization and remind employees of what is the best way to achieve goals (Gorenak, 2012). These strong values along with the clear operating principles helped the employees to make the right decision and achieve the company’s vision. 

The company also focused on motivating the employees through employee centric culture, person – organization fit, high compensation than market average and effective leadership. Motivation is the employee’s intensity, direction and persistence of efforts towards achieving the organization goals. Motivation is important for higher employee productivity, high job satisfaction and low turnover. A person organization- fit is the compatibility between a person and an organization (Robbins, 2013). A high person-organization fit means the value of the employee matches the values of the organization and results in better job satisfaction, high motivation, high job commitment and low turnover (Robbins, 2013).

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