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Martha Goldberg Aronson: Leadership Decisions at Mid-Career Case Solution

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There are several factors that can be considered as a cause for Marth to accept the position which she was offered in Switzerland. Firstly, the job in Switzerland required Martha to supervise the Neurological and Diabetes business in Europe. This opportunity would allow Marth to utilize her skills and abilities on a much broader level. Managing a complete business in Europe will sharpen her managing and organizational skills. The job description of this new position requires Martha to oversee the operations in fourteen countries. That means she would probably have to travel a lot providing her with an opportunity to explore different parts of the world. Thus, this assignment could enrich her cultural experience and broadened her views.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. What makes move Martha? She describes leadership as developing people as also to see them developing actions transcending what they saw as possible.

  2. Which leadership characteristics she has got that show her leadership?

  3. Due to the personal and professional trajectory, which would be the advice you give relatively to the decision she has got to make?

Case Analysis for Martha Goldberg Aronson: Leadership Decisions at Mid-Career Case Solution

Secondly, the Neurological and Diabetes business in Europe was performing below the expectations and the management was not able to achieve the desired profitability. The main reason was that the organization was not able to get the reimbursement from the European Government for its diabetic products. This is another opportunity for Martha, to exercise her skills and knowledge to a challenging scenario. Although, this task seems quite difficult and requires a lot of effort and inspirational leadership skills. But Martha is perfect for this assignment as she believes in the philosophy that people can achieve anything even though it is considered impossible.

Finally, the experience of getting in-depth knowledge of business operations in Europe would expand the Martha’s portfolio. Applying the strategies that she learned from the role of Vice President may enable her to develop people in a new country. If she gets successful in inspiring people in Europe, the business in Europe might be a turnaround. Moving to Switzerland will also provide her family to experience another culture. The country is very attractive and has beautiful landscapes. Switzerland is considered as one of the beautiful countries around the world. Therefore, this could be another reason that Martha might be able to convince her family to move to Switzerland.

2. Which leadership characteristics she has got that show her leadership?

Martha possesses some extra ordinary attributes in her personality that defines her commitment towards a true leadership behavior. She is very competitive by nature. She inherited the leadership properties from her grandfather. Her grandfather was a successful leader who was captain of a football team at the University of Minnesota. He also led many business and civic ventures. The ability to bring people together to achieve results defines a leadership spirit. This idea was instilled in Martha’s family and the main cause that motivates them to lead from the front.

Moreover, through her education careers, she participated in several sports including basketball and tennis. She had the opportunity to lead the both teams as the captain. This shows that from the very beginning of her career, she has been able to develop the building blocks of leadership in her. Being the captain of a team is somewhat similar to be in a leadership role in a business setting. In sports, the captain is responsible for the performance of the team. The players look upon to their captain for moving forward. Therefore, a sports team can never perform exceptionally in the absence of a true leader. Similarly, in a business setting employees look up to the managers and executives for the directions. A good manager always supervises his team effectively and always encourage them. Thus, the leadership characteristics of Martha originated from captaining the sports teams in college.

Finally, Martha is very passionate about winning. Every task that she performs, the underlying objective, is to win. Therefore, she directs her team in a manner that the win is ensured while the greater benefit of the company is not sacrificed. It is in her nature to learn from another leader. She believes in the fact that a true leader can only make a true leader. Working in Medtronic has allowed her to get interaction with a terrific range of leaders who have diverse leadership styles.

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