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How To Write A Dissertation Abstract?

20 May 2024

One of the challenging most tasks for a student is to write a dissertation abstract. If you are given a role to write a dissertation abstract, and you don’t know how to make it happen, this guide is going to help you beyond your expectations. To write a very attractive dissertation abstract, you need to review a previously written thesis sample, and you’ll be able to know what sort of structure and style you need to adapt while writing your dissertation abstract. If you manage to find a template, that will be more than convenient for you.

However, it is not recommended to follow the entire pattern of a thesis or dissertation because it can lead to plagiarism. As far as higher education is concerned, plagiarism is prohibited in most of the institutions and very little minimal amount of plagiarism is allowed in your dissertation. If the institute finds plagiarism in your content, you will have to face a low grade. In terms of Ph.D., you may be expelled from the university based on plagiarism.

When we talk about the structure of a dissertation, it is not as complex as people think. A dissertation consists of three simple sections. A dissertation must have an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion. Today, we’ll let you know how to write a flawless dissertation abstract. Read this guide, and you’ll be able to find all the answers to your questions regarding the dissertation abstract.

What Is An Abstract?

Now comes the critical question “What does an abstract mean?” let’s define an abstract:

An abstract is an essential component of a thesis in your assignment An abstract is a substantive description that is presented at the start of your thesis. An abstract can serve as a road map for your entire thesis, and based on your abstract, you can set the expectations as far as your dissertation is concerned.

In simple words, an abstract is the summary of your whole dissertation. You need to summarize your whole work in a single paragraph to make your examiner or to make your audience aware of the work you’ve done.

Your abstract is a stand-alone text along with the title of your thesis. An abstract can be presented in the announcement when we talk about the thesis examination. Most of the readers read only an abstract to get an idea about the research and work. They try to find the answers to their question in your abstract, which is why it is compulsory to write your abstract with the utmost care.

Don’t consider your abstract as an introduction to your topic because it is an entire summary of your work. An abstract should have the ability to substitute the whole thesis if the reader doesn’t have enough time to read all of your thesis.

What Has To Be In An Abstract?

When you are supposed to write your thesis or dissertation, it is suggested to read scientific journals, novels, and previous work of students. You can conduct interviews to gather authentic and credible data. You need to write about the latest and new academic facts you have found.  

As far as an abstract is concerned, you need to sum up every bit of crucial information about your thesis. Sometimes students don’t tell the results of their work in their abstract. It is healthy to approach telling the world about the results you have obtained during your research. Use one sentence to summarize a single chapter of your thesis. Like one paragraph for your introduction, one for your main body, and one for your conclusion. That’s how you must cover all the important points of your dissertation or thesis. 

How Can We Write An Abstract Of The Highest Quality?

Before start writing the abstract of your dissertation, make sure to read the guidelines of your project and all of the requirements. It is okay to seek guidance from previous work or a template to get a better idea of what you are supposed to do. If you want to make a mark based on your abstract, make sure to present your main argument in a captivating way. Try to make them understand your point by providing them with unique and distinctive ideas. Always back your data with some authoritative proof to make it look more legitimate. The basic purpose of writing a dissertation abstract is to let your readers know that your dissertation is worthy of reading. Moreover, your abstract should be convincing enough to make them believe your work is useful for other students and scientists.

What Will Be A Suitable Length For An Abstract?

This is one of the most decisive questions in terms of a dissertation abstract. This is a question we listen to more often than not. Usually, a dissertation abstract should range between 100-500 words. Of course, you can ask your superior about the appropriate length because every institute has its own set of rules, which is why the length of an abstract can vary from institute to institute. There isn’t a specific number of words you need to write, but you need to sum up your data effectively, keeping in mind the requirements of your examiner or supervisor. Make your dissertation abstract as concise as possible without leaving any essential piece of information behind.

How To Write A Dissertation Abstract?

Where To Find Helpful Abstract Templates?

We recommend you make your dissertation outline before finding a template for the dissertation abstract. This is a modern world, and the international database is full of models that you can find in a simple click. By searching your topic with a sound technique, you will be able to get dissertations of your topic where you can have a look at the abstract for your dissertation. Moreover, almost all the institutes have so many theses available in their libraries, and you can find a suitable template out of those for your thesis. Spend a good enough amount of time, and we assure you that you’ll be able to find more than one paramount template to write your dissertation abstract.

How To Make Your Abstract A Big Thing?

To make a mark based on your abstract, you need to write it originally. After reading your abstract, your readers should be able to know the value and importance of your research. Everybody wants to read the latest research, which is why you should add previously unknown facts to grab the attention of your readers. This will make people think that your research is doing a fair bit of good to society and that your study is far-reaching.

Make sure to add every bit of meaningful information in your abstract to get the desired grade in your dissertation. You may need the help of some professionals to get your thesis job done, and for that purpose, we are here to help you in all possible ways. Writing a dissertation and an abstract doesn’t guarantee the success of your project, you need to prepare it as well to pass your oral exam if you are masters of a Ph.D. student. To get success in your dissertation, try to prepare the questions you’re likely to be asked by the examiner. You should come up with erudite and significant answers.

What Are The Tips For Writing An Alluring Abstract?

It is a real test of your skills to write an entire thesis in a couple of words. As you know, the first thing people will read is your abstract, which is why it has to be spot-on. These are some of the tips that can make you write your abstract flawlessly.

Reverse your outline

If you have taken some guidance from a template, you may need to reverse your outline according to the nature of your topic, and according to the requirements of your institution. The outline of your dissertation depends on the selection of your topic. If you want your abstract to be foolproof, you need to reverse your outline according to the instructions.  

When you start writing your abstract, make sure to make keywords in every section of your dissertation, and try to cover those keywords in your abstract to make it more appealing and impeccable. Making keywords will give you an idea about the structure of your abstract. There has to be a connection in your abstract. Don’t just try to cover points but write them in a connected form.  

Consider your dissertation a full story, and you have to summarize your story in a few lines, which is your abstract. Don’t include a piece of information that isn’t available in your dissertation. We encourage our students to reread the abstract two to three times to make sure it has no mistakes or technical errors.  

Read some other abstracts

If you want to know all the nitty-gritty of abstract writing, we suggest you read the abstracts of your field. If you are a student of master's or Ph.D., you should’ve read so many articles and journals. Try to implement the strategies in your abstract, which they’ve used in theirs. You need to follow their style as well as structure if you want to tick all the boxes as far as abstract writing is concerned.  

Write your abstract clearly and concisely

Although an abstract is a short piece of writing, it has to be impactful when you are writing an abstract, every word matters. When you are writing your abstract, try to cover a single point in a single sentence.

Unnecessary words must be there in your abstract. You should avoid the use of jargon words because it is an academic form of writing. Understandability is a point that has to be in your abstract to make people aware of your topic.

Avoid verbosity

When you are writing an abstract, it is very difficult to retain your focus. You should not exceed the word count. An abstract is a summary of your dissertation, which is why students must not state the ideas that are not necessary to be in your abstract. Florid and superfluous language must not be there, and it is suggested to avoid such sort of language while abstract writing. Keep your abstract simple and specific.  


To make your abstract a success story, it has to cover all the important points of your dissertation. When you are writing your abstract, you need to summarize your objectives, and review of literature, materials methodology, and conclusions. Your abstract is a kind of message to your readers about what they are about to read in your dissertation. It is mandatory not to leave too many surprises for your readers.  

Focus on your research

The basic purpose of your research is to report the genuine contributors to your research. Make sure not to discuss the work of others because, in your abstract, you just need to write about your research. Even if the research of others is in your main body, don’t include them in your abstract.  

You can include one or two sentences of some scholarly articles to back your data. When you are doing it, you don’t have to mention specific publications. In your abstract, you are not supposed to add any sort of citations whatsoever. If your institute has given you the leverage to add citations, then you can add your citations. In general, there is no need to add citations in your abstract.  

Check the formatting

If you are writing your dissertation for a scientific journal, there will be a certain formatting style you need to follow. When you are writing your dissertation for your university, make sure to use the guidelines given by your instructor or supervisor. If you are writing an APA research paper, you will be obliged to add the APA format style.  

Make sure to use accurate and genuine guidelines. One thing you need to follow is that your abstract should not exceed the word limit. If your supervisor has given you some instructions regarding the length of your abstract, make sure to follow them to get your desired grade. 

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