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What Is Synthesis Essay And The Tips To Write It Flawlessly

10 Nov 2021

A Synthesis Essay always sounds weird to any student when it is assigned to him or her by their instructors. It doesn’t matter what is the status of your institute in which you are studying, writing a synthesis paper is the foremost task given to you by your supervisor when you are in the research field. The student’s reaction to the name of “a synthesis essay” is not such good as most of the students are always found evading the hectic tasks assigned to them. It is not validated that all students don’t like to work much harder, but there can be many reasons behind this reaction of bewilderment or evasion.

For example, there may be some other busy tasks for the students they have to perform and want to get their synthesis essay or synthesis paper to be done for them by someone else. Are you also one of those students who want to get their synthesis paper written in time, but not personally??? Because you are facing reluctance in writing your synthesis report by yourself due to some major issues like,

  1. You are brainstorming all the time but can't find the appropriate ideas or themes for your synthesis paper.
  2. If you have found the ideas, then you may be feeling difficulty in relating the ideas to your assigned topic of research.
  3. You are feeling bore while collecting the information or reading the bulky articles, research studies, and the other publications relating to your assigned paper.
  4. There may be a lack of inter-linkage between the information you have collected so far regarding your research topic as in synthesis paper; you have to collect the information from a number of sources either written or unwritten.
  5. You may be getting yourself oftentimes failed when you put your pen on the paper but never get started due to poor writing skills or lack of knowledge about what is the synthesis essay or how to write it.
  6. Besides having all the above-mentioned issues that you are confronting but still wants to make a good impression on your teacher and get the superior grades, then what will you do?? Would you search for somebody to write your synthesis paper for you around?

How can you deal with a synthesis essay?

Synthesis report writing means a lot and hectic too. Basically, the word “to synthesize” means to collect the information from more than one source and drawing your thesis statement on the basis of these researches, hypotheses, and the report studies. You have to put the information you may get into one-content while writing a synthesis paper. There are two sources you need to take care of while writing a synthesis essay.

1. Written sources  

  • Article
  • Journals
  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers

2. Non-written sources

  • Lectures
  • Observations
  • Interviews

Types of Synthesis Essay

The synthesis or the collection of dispersed information into a single paper with the all possible links and connections is really a time-consuming and intelligence work to do. Moreover, drawing your personal thesis statement with all the available evidence and arguments is another important task. Synthesis is a broad term that means to collage the information and to reshape it into a thesis statement or claim.  

1. Background Synthesis

It is a type of synthesis writing that is allotted to you at the very beginning of your research project. The purpose of such type of writing is mainly to become an expert on the topic. The word background means that in such synthesis paper designing, you have to grip over the whole information present anywhere related to your topic. But this thing requires a thorough examination of all the available resources.  

Such type of synthesis essay doesn’t involve the formation of a thesis statement. It only demands you to have a hold and go through your topic from different and all viewpoints of different people. It will help you to judge your statement from different angles.  

2. Argumentative synthesis

This type of synthesis essay will have a strong thesis statement or claim that clearly discloses your understanding about your assigned synthesis or research topic. Like the background synthesis, this type of synthesis essay also involves the collection of information after exploring all possible sources, organizing the facts and systematizing them into common themes. But this argumentative type may involve different tasks that we can say evaluating, comparing and contrasting the items while examining your synthesis paper or research topic. What that you need to hold is you must have strong and updated knowledge with strong arguments and evidence on the assigned topic. 

3. Literature Review

It is also a type of synthesis essay like the two before, but it is meant to justify the intended research. Such types of reviews are most common in the medical and social sciences students, but the students of other fields may have them in their large research projects. It doesn’t involve a clear thesis statement, but the students have to analyze and explore the information sources. Further involves outlining the common themes and distinguishing the well-researched and under-researched parts of the examined problem or assigned research.

Synthesis Essay Structure and key-elements

A good and demanding synthesis essay writing is always based on the strong and logical backbone skeleton that is the outline structure of the essay. Like outline skeleton, there are many other key points or basic elements that are essential to consider while writing a synthesis essay. This block of the synthesis essay structure will provide you with guidelines on how to write a synthesis essay.  

The three basic parts, along with a prior one (outline formation) are considered to be the key elements of a synthesis essay structure; these include:

  1. Outline formation
  2. The thesis statement or Introduction
  3. Main body paragraphs
  4. Conclusion

1. Outline formation

It is the most important step in the synthesis essay writing as it makes the foundation of a synthesis paper. After gathering all the information and saving them in one place, you have to make the outlines for your synthesis essay before getting it started. It is a very delicate step that will ensure the quality and standard of your synthesis essay writing. It would really help you out to write a well-organized paper. If you have succeeded in writing a good outline for your essay, then it will really help you to be on track and not stray from your main claim or thesis statement while the whole writing process.    

Writing an outline for an essay may be very time consuming as, for the first time, you are managing and organizing the collected information into a manageable and understandable form. But you can make it easier by writing the key points with the small paragraphs containing the needed and essential information as:

  1. Introduction (one paragraph)
  2. Main body (3 to 4 paragraphs)
  3. Conclusion (one paragraph)

After you’ve made these outlines, you can extend these outlines into your whole and complete synthesis paper by writing your phrases, evidence, and arguments.  

2. The thesis statement or Introduction

An introduction while writing a synthesis essay must be very attractive and appealing so that when your teacher reads it, he can’t help but be impressed. As you know that “First impression is the last impression,” so that introduction is your first impression. It means that if there’s a lack of quality in your introduction, it may spoil the impression of your whole essay till the end.  

It usually explains the purpose of writing and the main topic. In the case of an argumentative synthesis, it also involves the thesis statement or claim. Sometime your introduction may involve the scope of your essay as sometimes your study or research is confined to a single aspect.  

3. Main body paragraphs

In the main body paragraphs, you have to support your main claim or thesis statement with logical evidence and references. Every paragraph should have a different and individual theme supporting the main claim. The paragraphs must include the phrases and the links that connect the information from different reviewed sources to the main thesis statement. Every paragraph should contain more than one evidence and information from several sources.  

For an appreciable essay, avoid writing the paragraphs and information source by source. For a quality synthesis essay, each and every paragraph of your synthesis essay must begin with a topic sentence that somehow relates to the main claim.    

4. Conclusion

Conclusion is that paragraph of the synthesis essay that is almost the same as the introduction but sometimes contains your own point of view about your topic and research. It includes the thesis statement and all the supporting evidence swiping into one paragraph along with the conclusion of the study. It also somehow addresses the whole essay and gives the overview.

A concluding paragraph of a synthesis essay must clarify the routes by which the sub-themes have been connected to the main theme. You may include in the conclusion, your own opinion about the research that how it can be done better or conducted in future if relevant to the topic.

Write a synthesis essay

Formatting style

Formatting a synthesis essay is very important as if you have written your essay brilliantly but have not formatted it finely, then there are more chances that your teacher may grade your synthesis paper as poor. So, formatting a synthesis essay is essential to get high grades.  

Types of formatting

There are three basic type of formatting:

  • APA style
  • MLA style
  • Chicago style

These different styles are meant for different fields as;

1. MLA format

It is done for humanities like subject. This formatting style involves:

  1. Time New Roman font-style, 12 pt font-size, double spaced
  2. 1” Margins
  3. Right corner at the top includes last name and page number on each page
  4. Titles are in the center
  5. Headers include your name, instructors name, date and course number
  6. Last page of synthesis essay consists of the “work cited” page

2. APA format

It is done for education, psychology, and science. This formatting style involves:

  1. Time New Roman font-style, 12 pt font-size, double spaced1” Margins
  2. Page header is on the top of each page
  3. Page number is on the top right
  4. Synthesis essay structure divided into four parts; title page, abstract, main body and references

3. Chicago Format

It is done for history, fine arts, and business. It involves:

  1. Times New Roman font style
  2. 12 pt font size
  3. Double spacing
  4. 1” margins
  5. 0.5-inch indents for paragraph beginning
  6. Left-justified text writings

Mention full names of organizations and people.

How to organize a synthesis essay?

The structure and organization of an essay varies according to the requirements and nature of your essay. There are some essays that require the formation of a thesis statement, whereas some essays don’t need to have any thesis statement. There are some requirements you need to take care of while writing a synthesis essay. Some of the requirements are given below:

Start with an engaging introduction

It is mandatory to have an introduction section at the start of your essay. As we are explaining a synthesis essay, so you will be required to have a thesis statement in your essay. Your introduction could be your make or break point for your essay. Most of the readers try to read the introduction section in order to get an insight into any essay. Your introduction will serve as a hook for your audience.  

Organize body paragraphs by theme

The body paragraphs are the sections where you need to prove your point. Use a sperate paragraph to address a particular theme. Make sure not to summarize your essay source to source. The facts you have collected as a result of your research must be there in your synthesis essay. Most of the students write a single paragraph in a humdrum manner. You are obliged to cover a single theme in a paragraph, and for the next theme, make sure to use a new paragraph. An essay with a thesis statement must have somebody paragraphs to prove the truthfulness of your thesis statement.

Include certain phrases

The fact you have discovered must be explained entirely. The sources from where you have collected the facts and figures must be there in your synthesis essay. It is a type of essay where you may be asked to give your remarks against your chosen topic. Refutation of the opposing arguments can also do the job for you as far as a synthesis essay is concerned.  

Write a synthesis essay

Write a strong conclusion

To wrap up the situation, you are supposed to write an interesting and realistic conclusion. A perfect conclusion should have what it takes to cover each theme that can connect to the topic. You have some interpretation, right? That interpretation has to be there in your conclusion section. The discoveries you have or the suggestions you have that can improve your topic can be explained in your conclusion.

Tips for writing a killer synthesis essay

Have you understood what a synthesis essay is? If yes, you have great chances to astonish your supervisor or teacher with your writing skills. However, there are some tips you can follow in order to improve the overall standard of your essay. If you are looking to get full marks in your essay, make sure to follow the following tips:

Select an appropriate topic

Selection of a topic is as crucial as writing your essay. You should have a grip over the topic in order to write it flawlessly. Learn new things and make sure to apply these things in your essay. If you have assigned a topic from your institute, it’ll be great for you. If the decision is up to you, make sure to pick one that can sound interesting and attractive.  

If you manage to pick a suitable topic, you can write your essay that can increase the interest of your readers. The goal of your essay has to get to a higher grade. The success of your essay depends greatly on the nature of your topic. If your topic is boring, no one will read your essay no matter how astonishingly you have written it.  

Use authentic sources

Most of the students don’t add sources from where they have added data for their essays. Writing the sources can increase the credibility of your essay. There is no way you can add data on the basis of your Facebook and google results. Make sure to consult journals and books before putting any piece of information in your essay.  

You can read some authentic websites in order to get your data for your essay. An essay having genuine sources at the last of it can increase the interest of readers. Nobody likes reading an essay having irrelevant and non genuine prices of information.  

Cite your sources flawlessly

One of the biggest reasons for the rejection of essays and research papers are incorrect citation. If you don’t follow the instruction of your professor as far as the citation criteria is concerned, you will eventually fail in your synthesis essay. You may be required to use APA, MLA, Harvard, or Chicago format. If you have some instructions regarding the citation style, you are obliged to follow the format. 

Edit and proofread

One of the mistakes students make is they don’t edit and proofread their essays. Once you have managed to write your essay, it is compulsory to make a draft that can be edited. There may be chances of mistakes and errors in your essay. A healthy approach is to get the print out for your essay and read it thoroughly in order to point out some mistakes.

An essay having grammatical errors and spelling mistakes doesn’t get appreciation from the readers. It is your duty to get rid of all the errors in your essay. Make sure to check your citation correctly. Most of the essays and research papers got rejected on the basis of poor citation style. If you have a professional who is good at editing and proofreading, make sure to consult your professional and ask him/her to read your essay. The purpose of doing this is to come up with a final version free of all types of errors and mistakes.

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