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How To Write Compare And Contrast Essay?

20 May 2024

Essay writing is not an easy job at all. You need critical thinking and a tremendous amount of research to write one heck of an essay. As far as a compare and contrast essay is concerned, you need to evaluate the similarities along differences at the same time. The topic or subject may be of the same class, but the quality may be different as well. Compare and contrast types of essays are most common in universities as the teacher needs to assess your understanding abilities. To write a fantastic compare and contrast essay, take two different topics or subjects, and connect them effectively to make sense. The purpose of this essay is to enlighten the unexpected and subtle differences and similarities. In such types of essays, you will compare and contrast anything, and it may be a historical time frame, individuals, or animals. We know what exactly you’re thinking right now. It is tough to write an essay on a single topic, and how you can write an essay simultaneously at will? We have got it covered for you. 

Here we have described all techniques and ways of writing compare and contrast essay. Follow this guide step-wise to write beyond your expectations. 

Choose a subject that can be compared and contrasted

This is the first and foremost step to writing a fortunate compare and contrast essay. Select a subject that I good enough to be analyzed intelligently. Some of the things that have to be kept in mind while choosing a topic for a compare and contrast essay;

  • A subject of the same category can be selected, but there have to be some significant differences as well. For example, frozen pizza vs. homemade pizza.
  • Try to work unorthodox. Choose a topic that doesn’t have anything in common but, in reality, has some notable similarities.  
  • Two subjects that appear to be the same, but different in nature could be picked — for example, movies vs. the book.

Brainstorm regarding differences and similarities

It’s not possible to jump straight from topic to thesis statement. For brainstorming purposes, make two types of lists. One list had all the similarities and the other list had all the differences. You can draw the diagrams as well if you are good enough visually. This will help you to keep your compare and contrast essay on track. Make two overlapping circles for both similarities and differences, and this technique will help you to pay very close attention to your topic. Make it done in a way that is feasible for you. 

Proper brainstorming is recommended to write a clear and engaging compare and contrast essay. With the help of brainstorming, you can get the relevant data that can get the job done. By following this method, you can get rid of irrelevant data, and you can grab the attention of your reader. 

Focus on the main point

If you want to write a very attractive compare and contrast essay in your academic assignment, you need to be better than merely listing the differences and similarities. Pay attention to the point that can hit the target as far as your readers are concerned. Your main argument will be the underlying theme of all the similarities and differences. Choose the points very carefully by reading the following points;

  • Look for a point of comparison. For example, if you want to compare a cat and a dog, look for similarities like both are household pets that need considerable attention. This type of point will make your compare-and-contrast essay stand out.
  • Look for the point of contrast as well. Keeping in mind the above-mentioned example of a cat and a dog, you can assess that cats are more sensitive than dogs. 

This sort of connection will make you write an essay that will be a success story for you. In this way, focus on your main points to write an eye-catching compare-and-contrast essay. 

Go with an organized structure

A structured compare and contrast essay will always be preferred over a non-structured one. Make sure to write your essay systematically to avoid any inconvenience. To make sure the essay goes with the flow, write in detail about one subject, and then move towards the other one. 

For example, if the topic of your essay is to compare and contrast men and women. The best thing you can do is to write one or two paragraphs about the qualities both these genders possess. First, focus on the women and look for similarities and differences compared with the men, and then move your focus towards men. Another technique is to arrange your compare-and-contrast essay point-wise. The following points will make you understand the whole process effectively.

  • Subject-wise

There are two topics. Topic A and Topic B are the ones you have to explain entirely. First, let the readers know about all the vital information related to point A and then shift your attention to point B. Both must not be intermingled as jumping back and forth is strictly prohibited in a compare and contrast essay. If you run your essay subject by subject, your essay will be done in a smooth fashion. 

  • Point-wise

This technique is useful as it is a clear and unambiguous method. At the end of the paragraphs, you will be able to make a final decision easily as the points will be written separately. It is very easy for the readers to get what they may be looking for.

  • First compare, then contrast

This process deals in a way that comparison will be conducted early and contrasting will be done after that. If you want to stamp your authority by letting the reader know about the differences between the subjects, this technique will be the best of the lot. There is a disadvantage of this method that the readers will not get immediate results. 

Develop a thesis statement

As far as compare and contrast essays are concerned, the thesis can take so many directions, but go for the one that can describe why it is best to study both subjects simultaneously. In your thesis statement, only stick to the point. Avoid adding unnecessary information, as this can ruin your thesis statement. Do the following things to develop an astounding thesis statement;

  • The purpose of your thesis statement is to let the reader know why one subject is superior to others. This comparison of superiority will help the readers to understand the whole essay efficiently. 
  • Your thesis statement should elaborate on significant comparisons. Your thesis statement will set the tone for your essay. Always remember that this is the statement of a compare and contrast essay, not of an ordinary essay. 
  • It is your duty to tell the readers how two subjects are different from each other. Your comparison must be based on the perfect example and indisputable facts so it can make the readers attentive.
Write Compare And Contrast Essay

Outline your essay

The outline will act as a template to write your essay smoothly. Compare and contrast the essay’s outline will be clear enough to send a message to the readers that the essay is presented in the best shape. Your essay has to go through the following steps;

  • Introduction

This is the first paragraph of your essay, and we all know that the first impression is the last impression. There are some people who just read the introduction section to get the know the underlying theme, and your essay must target and satisfy such readers and individuals. This paragraph must be based on the essential and basic information regarding your topic. You should be able to tell your readers how your essay will move further. In your introductory paragraph, write a short but compelling story to entice your readers. Try to explain your thesis statement briefly as well as this is required if you want to get an A-grade in a compare and contrast essay.

  • Body paragraphs

In this section, you are supposed to provide all the pieces of evidence to support your data. Examples that can explain compare and contrast mechanisms shall be there. Each paragraph should have its own identity. The information in a paragraph must not be reflected in the other ones. Otherwise, your essay will be considered mundane. Your evidence should connect to your thesis statement as proof. As far as academics are concerned, 5-6 paragraphs are recommended but use as many as you want to make your point clear. 

  • Acknowledgement

The acknowledgment section is a necessity of compare and contrast essay. In this paragraph, let the readers know those counterarguments do exist. Your role is to convince the readers why your points are more worth it compared with the other ones.

  • Conclusion
    “The first impression is the last impression” It is correct but don’t forget that the last impression lasts for a more extended period of time. In this paragraph, summarize your shreds of evidence to satisfy your readers. You can restate your thesis in the conclusion section, but you need to do it more sophisticatedly. At this point, the readers have all the information you presented, so make sure not to rewrite anything. If you need to rewrite something, do it with a style and modification. 

Give evidence

You need to back your assertions with sound pieces of evidence and proof. You can use your arguments and make them powerful with shreds of evidence. This is something that can increase the credibility of your essay. Compare-and-contrast essays based on theoretical beliefs don’t get much appreciation. On the other hand, theories that are supported by facts and figures rank above many. You can present any information of your choice, but you need to explain why the information is critical and why you have given it in your essay. 

Use transition words to craft your essay

It is imperative to use transition words. The transition words can add grace and beauty to your essay. The readers who know a lot about writing techniques and writing structures can be gratified by the use of transition words. These words give a flow to your essay. Words like both, likewise, similarly, and such as can do the job for you as far as the overall comparison of your essay is concerned. If you want to contrast something, nonetheless, and on the other hand, it can prove tailor-made. 

Proofread and look for any possible error: What you are thinking right now is that the job is done and dusted but, you need to proofread your essay to make it error-free. To identify grammatical and spelling mistakes, you need to recheck your essay because you are a human being, and there is a chance of error and error in your essay. Don’t rush at that point and proofread your essay very carefully by taking your time. How can I correct it? That’s what you are thinking right now, right? Follow the tips to proofread thoroughly;

  • Revisit your essay

You have written your essay with the utmost effort and care. It is time to read it very delicately. When you read your own essay, mistakes like grammatical errors or structural mistakes can be eradicated on the spot.

  • Look for any grammatical error

When you are writing a compare and contrast essay, there is no point of grammatical errors in your essay. Even if you are a professional, there are good enough chances of a typing error or tense-related issue. To remove such errors and to tackle such mistakes, proofreading is suggested.

  • Use of punctuation

One thing has to be absolutely okay, and that is punctuation. Full stops and commas can change the meaning of a sentence, and these are the things students often take for granted. Punctuation marks can be helpful in convincing the reader that the writer knows how to write an essay.

  • Free of spelling mistakes

Compare and contrast essay is expected to be free of spelling mistakes. Give your essay to a graduate student or to a professional and make him/her analyze your essay. Tell the professional to look for spelling mistakes. Once your essay gets the green light from your professional, you can rely on it (after reading by yourself).

  • spell-checker

Do not make yourself dependent on spell-checker software. There is a case when a wrong word (according to the situation) is a certain word in real which can’t be identified with the help of software. So, make sure to read the whole essay precisely. 

Compare and contrast essays are not very common and are very rare. You have to run the whole essay simultaneously as far as similarities and differences are concerned. We know it’s not an easy job but, this step-by-step guide can make the entire process a lot easier for you. If you want to write an enticing and tempting compare-and-contrast essay, use it as a guide, and you will get what you are looking for, as far as your write-up is concerned.

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