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How To Write Narrative Essay?

10 Nov 2021

For most of the students, essay writing is one of the hectic most tasks, if not the most hectic. It is very tenacious to start a narrative essay. If the teacher has given you the assignment to write a narrative essay, consider it as an opportunity to polish your writing skills. A narrative essay is far more exciting than some of the other essays due to which the students find writing this essay fascinating. You can write this essay in the form of a story as this essay resembles a story. Make sure to write your narrative essay that can get your readers and audience involved in your essay.  

Before writing a narrative essay, you need to select a topic. For writing a narrative essay, the topic on which you can write a lot and can talk a lot could only be chosen. Try to finalize a topic you think you’re passionate about. A poor topic can spoil your whole essay because you won’t be able to write tremendously. Out of all the types of essays, topic selection is one of the critical most points as far as a narrative essay is concerned. 

Essays are of many types, and this is a reason people often confuse a specific kind of essay with another one. Frequently students get confused between narrative and descriptive essays. This article or this guide will not only make you understand the difference, but it’ll let you write an astounding narrative essay as well.

What Is A Narrative Essay?

A narrative essay is like an assignment of high school in which you may have to deal with a story or a plot. Sometimes, a narrative essay will be a story that can connect to your mates as well. A narrative essay can be very entertaining assignments because this type of essay is closely related to the life activities of a student. The best you can do is to present the essay in the form of a fiction book. Let us summarize the whole narrative essay for you.

  1. This essay gets told for a certain point of view
  2. It involves making and supporting the point
  3. Only precise details have to be there
  4. Should be presented as a story (sequences and rivalries)
  5. May involve a dialogue
    This may sound a bit tough for you. But we are here to make a resilient task easy for you. Follow this simple guide to make an expert of a narrative essay. Shall we start? Here is the guide for you;
How To Write Narrative Essay?

Choose an exciting topic

It is essential to read some of your inspirations. By understanding your inspirations, you can make a decision about a topic. In a narrative essay, the topic has a crucial role to play. Your topic will define the rate of success for your essay. Look for something different and something unique as far as the subject or topic is concerned.

For example, if you want to write a narrative essay about yourself, consider the qualities as well as flaws. Don’t hurry up in terms of topic selection. Try to analyze what sort of person you are from inside and then decide the topic. The best to get reasonable and authentic data is to ask your friends about your personality. Try to write at least the top five qualities of you. Once you write those qualities, it’ll be an easy task for you to select the best one.

Bring the heat on!

Do you know what that means? We’ll let you understand here. This means you have to include a story that can attract readers. The best writers often come up with a story as a starting point of an essay. Try to follow the best writer as far as storytelling is concerned.  

Start with an introduction, and your introduction has to be a sort of synopsis of your story. In your introduction, you can add the problem as well. In your body paragraphs, make sure to give credible and truthful information to make a strong mark on your readers. After body paragraphs, stamp your authority with a compelling conclusion. At the end of your essay, make sure to tell the readers what you have learned out of this essay or experience.

Introduce the unexpected

With your story, you can engage the readers. After reading your story, the readers will assess how strongly you have handled the issue. At this point, everything is going with the wind. This is a point where you need to be creative. Write something, and the readers aren’t expecting at all. Tell them something fascinating and enchanting to surprise them. If you’re talking about a personality, you can write about the hobbies which will be unexpected in terms of the timing.

Let us explain to you with the help of some examples. Consider you’re a movie star and a celebrity, but in reality, you want to be a cricketer. You have a passion for science, but at the same time, you love music as well. Things like that will add the flavor and twist in your essay, and your audience will surely read these sorts of things. When you talk about two opposite things and aspects, the reader will expect you to balance the two, and this is the point where you can catch all the attention of your reader.

Describe efficiently

In a narrative essay, you have to tell everything in the form of a story. Your story should not only answer 5 Ws (what, when, why, where, and who), but the story has to be emotional so the readers can feel something out of your story. In a narrative essay, your senses can play a huge role. Bring your senses into play and tell the readers what you have observed and what you are feeling at the moment.

Write the astonishing conclusion

To wrap-up, your essay, make sure to conclude in a way that can post an effect on your readers. One thing you need to keep in mind is never concluding a narrative essay in the past tense. Tell the readers how past experiences have brought you in the present, where you are today.

How long a narrative essay should be

As far as the length of this essay is concerned, there are two rules to follow. If the instructor has assigned a certain number of paragraphs, follow the instructions of your teacher. If there isn’t any instruction, try to make it as short and concise as possible. Extra stuffing is prohibited in this sort of essay.  

Some captivating tips

The following tips can make you write one heck of a narrative essay. Follow the tips which are mentioned below;

  • Simplicity

Clarity has to be there in your narrative essay. Avoid using complicated words as well as complicated structures. Make sure to distribute ideas in the right paragraphs to make them sound appealing.  

  • Avoid using a narrative of second-person

If you quote the second-person narrative, your essay will be considered very ordinary. The words will be more attractive if used in the first-person narrative. Try to explain what you have experienced yourself rather than letting the reader know about what the second person thought about a specific subject.

  • Use dynamic words

Clinical words must not be used in a narrative essay. Make sure using dynamic words to describe your facts and events. Magnetic words can make your essay look like a gem.

  • Limit your references

This isn’t a case study or a dissertation. As far as the narrative essay is concerned, try to explain yourself as you move further. Don’t refer the readers back to an absolute statement. 

  • State your purpose

It is legitimate to state the use of your essay. Writing a narrative essay without an objective won’t appeal to anyone. You need to let your reader know why you have selected this topic and what the purpose of your study is.

How To Write Narrative Essay?

  • Read some narrative examples

We know it is a bit harsh to expect something substantial in the first go. Make sure to read some reasonable examples which were successful in the past. Structure your essay according to those examples to make it a big story.

Once you complete your essay, make sure to cross-check all the possible mistakes. In your essay, there is a chance or possibility of errors and mistakes. Proofread your essay in the best possible way to be sure and confident about your work. In your first go, you may find it difficult to point out the mistakes, but you’ll be able to find them with proper care.
Essay writing isn’t a child’s play. But don’t get too confused as well. With the help of this blog, you can write an incredible narrative essay. Reread the tips we have written in this guide and try to plan your essay according to our suggestions. We have explained all the nitty-gritty about a narrative essay. Now the guide is all yours, and from our side, it’s a stroke of good luck!

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