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Booster Juice Bringing Canadian Smoothies To The Indian Market Case Solution

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Booster Juice wanted to develop a robust and sustainable business development strategy in the Indian market. After a successful business performance in Canada, Booster juice wished to take advantage of the great market potential that the Indian market has to offer for the business. However, it is essential to note that the quick-service food drink market in India is quite competitive, and there are a number of substitutes and competitors in the market. Nonetheless, the burgeoning middle class offers excellent prospects for the juice brand. 

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. Issue

  2. Alternatives

  3. Selection Criteria

  4. Final Solution 

  5. Action Plan

Case Analysis for Booster Juice Bringing Canadian Smoothies To The Indian Market

2. Alternatives

Alternatives are there in front of Wishewan, the Chief Executive of Booster Juice, to proceed with its strategy in the Indian market. The primary target audience for Booster Juice is the middle class and upper-middle class. One alternative is to open stores at a rapid pace in different high-potential locations in the Indian market. This option entails having complete confidence in the market potential of the Indian market. 

The other option is to open few stores in specific locations, and develop the brand of the store in the context of the local market environment, and then gradually make efforts towards expanding the number of stores in the market. 

3. Selection Criteria

It is evident from the case that the macro-market environment in India is quite favorable for Booster Juice. It is essential to emphasize the attractiveness of different locations in the market. It is essential to know about the demographic profile of people living in various areas in the market. The income level is also essential to determine, as the socio-economic status of different people living in the country is quite diverse. It is also necessary to know about the share of wallet of the brand, in comparison to those of the closest competitors, in order to ascertain the competitive strength of the brand.

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