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Campbell Soup Gaining Customer Insights through Marketing Research Case Solution

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Campbell’s is a global food and beverage manufacture delivering its products in various geographies. With the popularity and tremendous sales of Campbell’s soup, the company built its focus on the product category as its core business. However, the product had reached its maturity, with its growth gradually declining over the years. The company needed to re-evaluate Campbell’s packaging to enhance emotional connection, renew the product line and stay relevant to the consumers.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. What are the options available to a company in terms of data collection for market research? 

  2. What are the considerations involved in the choice of a particular solution? 

  3. How should Campbell utilize the information generated in the course of market research?

Case Analysis for Campbell Soup Gaining Customer Insights through Marketing Research

The market research to deduce the changes needed in the current label of Campbell’s soup company was being conducted by three different market research firms simultaneously. The firms deployed various innovative market research techniques to gain insights about the mind of soup consumers. The options available for the company to collect data for market research were:

i. Viewership ratings

The objective of viewership ratings was to determine the size and demographic of the audience watching a commercial at a certain time. The method involved placing an electronic device near the television sets and a personal viewing button for each individual of the selected household. However, the method provided results limited to the very small number of the sample that could not be replicated to the huge population of television viewers.

ii. Surveys and focus groups 

Surveys and focus groups are used to obtain primary research about a consumer’s experience with a specific product. Surveys facilitated the collection of a huge amount of information about a specific respondent, whereas focus groups involved participants in a group of five or more to share perceptions and opinions about a certain topic. However, the limitations associated with the methods were groupthink, the difficulty of participants inaccurately remembering and restating their subconscious thoughts and emotions while they were in contact with the product into words, and the changes in the original perception of the consumers while they translate it from the memory to a verbal response.

iii. Elicitation

Elicitation was a one on one interview process with the presence of a stimulus to encourage participants to share their perceptions and views about the benefits of a certain product. The process use techniques like laddering, hidden issue questioning, and symbolic analysis 

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