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Chantale And Clinton Call For Service Case Solution

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The repair personnel and technician communicate via e-mail with the customer service department. It is considered as one of the most inefficient and ineffective tools of communication. The communication goals might be negatively affected as the receiver might decode them differently. Also, inefficiency emerges from low frequency of checking the mail. There should be a direct telephonic contact between the customer service department and the repair department.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. What do you believe were the underlying causes of The Canadian’s perceived performance? Why did these develop?

  2. What service recovery alternatives were available to The Canadian?

Case Analysis for Chantale And Clinton Call For Service

1. What do you believe were the underlying causes of The Canadian’s perceived performance? Why did these develop?

There are a number of factors which created a positive image of The Canadian in Chantale and Clinton’s mind, which ultimately increased the level of expectation from the store. The first reason is that Chantale had been the store manager at The Canadian for three years and according to her, all of its policies were customer friendly. Secondly, the couple had been buying home appliances from the store for the past 27 years. A very strong level of customer loyalty develops in such a long period. Before the beginning of the refrigerator problem, the Rileys had faced several technical problems with their home appliances like a washing machine and dishwasher; all of them were resolved within 24 hours.

Following are the indirect factors that have developed a perception of high performance associated with The Canadian store. All these factors played their part before the refrigerator incident:

  • The Canadian has an entirely separate department which deals with customer complaints in a very efficient manner and also has a separate repair department of technical experts. Not all stores provide such services; the comparative analysis of stores must associate The Canadian with high performance.

  • The store’s customer complaint/service department is well-trained as it replies to customer complaints in a very polite and courteous manner. Secondly, the department is also efficient as it updates the client if there are any problems with the registered complaints.

  • The customer service department and repair department work closely in order to solve customers’ problems. For instance, the customer service department keeps its promise of solving the problems faced by customers in a timely fashion. Furthermore, they tend to save consumers’ time by communing the arrival time of the designated technician.

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