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Dove Real Beauty Sketches Campaign

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The viral advertising campaign that will be considered for the purpose of this assignment will be Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” Campaign. The Share of Coke campaign very effectively used personalization to allow for personal engagement with the customers as it included names of 150 millennials on the bottles as a result of which more than 1.25 million teens tried coke for the first time (Coca Cola, 2018). 

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The campaign was conducted in nearly 80 countries and turned out to be a success globally. Analyzing the campaign, it can be seen that there are a number of factors that made it successful as it focused on constant customer engagement and custom personalization. It helped people understand that they can share moments of happiness with each other as they would share a coke (Coca Cola, 2021). The campaign encouraged customers to find bottles that had their names printed on them as they would hold personal meaning to them, share them with their friends and family and then use the hashtag of Share a Coke and share it with their social circle. Hence, it can be understood that Coke was very successful in its campaign as it realized the power of social media and encouraged its customers to use hashtags which further helped in making the campaign viral as more and more people got to know about it and this in turn reflected in the higher sales of the company.

2. Dove Real Beauty Sketches Campaign also achieved quite a success as it focused on promoting women to be more beautiful than they think based on a social experiment is conducted to see how women perceive themselves in terms of personal beauty. It did so by reflecting the self-perception of women and the perception of the stranger and focusing on the fact that we should continue appreciation. 

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