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Fairstar Heavy Transport (A) Case Solution

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Fairstar heavy transport is a heavy marine transportation company, and one of the biggest and the best in the business. They have two of the biggest transport ships in the business, and their focus on environmental safety has led to them being called the best in the business if not the largest.
Since its foundation, Fairstar has seen se veral ups and downs, but they had managed to retain their position in the industry. 

Fairstar Heavy Transport A Case Analysis

The Gorgon project was a big opportunity for heavy marine transport companies because it involved transport of heavy equipment and was worth a great deal of money and reputation. Fairstar was one of the frontrunners to secure the bids, but delays from Gorgon led to losses for the company because they did not submit bids for other projects.

Representatives of the Gorgon project suggested significant changes in the service contract, and were willing to use only one vessel of the company rather than the two vessels that Fairstar was expecting. The time and effort put in Gorgon project was too great to forego, and Fairstar should definitely accept the contract, but at the agreed price. Fairstar’s plan to expend their fleet could only be possible if their pricing remains the same as before. No other big name company remains in the business and the size of the vessels along with the emphasis on, environmental safety, sort of ensures Fairstar’s deal.

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