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Marimekko Case Solution

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To grow its global sales and bring back the former glory of the brand Marimekko needs to focus on several key aspects of the business within its expansion strategy. The recommended strategy would be to retain firstly; resources in the country that Marimekko is seeking to expand in and then use those resources to gain insights into the market and its needs and demands. Once those have been identified, Marimekko needs to focus on retaining designers from within that particular region and introduce a specific line for that region. Secondly, it is recommended to obtain celebrity endorsements in each of its global regions as previously the celebrity focal point was the main reason for the success of the brand.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. What is your recommended strategy for Marimekko to grow its global sales?

  2. Which parts are Marimekko business model should be retained and which parts should be changed for Marimekko to grow its global sales?

  3. What are your recommended strategies for Marimekko to grow its sales in Brazil, Russia, India, and China?

Case Analysis for Marimekko

The celebrity endorsements would be comparatively cheaper and will also allow the brand to portray the brand into a new market in a manner of their choosing and thus have complete control over the process of building the brand persona. Marimekko can use local work celebrities as the brand ambassadors and personalities of Marimekko as trust factor in well recognized public personalities plays a significant role in driving the sales of a brand. 

2. Which parts are Marimekko business model should be retained and which parts should be changed for Marimekko to grow its global sales?

The business model for Marimekko addresses several key areas of businesses that need to be focused on through the order and businesses of the local brands. The business model should be restructured to identify the competition visit in the market and what threat it poses to the Marimekko name. The global sales plan should not be linked to the local sales as addressing the issue of sales from both the steps becomes a time-consuming process. Within the Business model, it would be most practical to maintain the domestic and international sales within the region. The focus has to be on the expansion of the global system to instill the same values and practices in the baby as well. Within the business model, the decision to outsource the production also plays a major role as this part of the business model allows for the company to focus on the brand from a profit maximizing aspect. Marimekko has cordial relationships with all of its freelance designers so far, some relationships extending well beyond the other, and the same level of relationships should be established and maintained in case of the newer markets where Marimekko can focus on sales.

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