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Mednet is an online site, launched in 2002 that provides medical or health information to non professional consumers for free. Addition to this, aimed at raising the through advertisement sales. It has been quite successful until it was presented a cutthroat competition especially from Marvel and Where, Marvel declared to provide impressions for free and charging the advertisers for only click through. Due to its large database of visitors, Marvel could achieve profit from click through. On the other side of it, Mednet was charging on an impression basis, and on losing Marvel, Mednet’s profitability would decrease by 80%. Moreover, the competition posed by was more of entrepreneurial with a focus on niche. These types of sites are more of dealing with categories and one can refer them as a category killer. Mednet, in order to counter has to come up with solutions making sure that they stick with the company goals.

MedNet com Confronts Click Through Competition Case Analysis

There can be few of alternatives of getting advertisements from Marvels while staying within the primary philosophies and goals. The very first of those options is to expand the customer database through strong marketing campaign. Like in case of Marvel, where, with that huge database, they achieved a level where they can play with impressions and click through, at the same time maintaining their profitability. This customer database can be improved through various techniques, like having strong marketing campaign, especially in countries where advertisement of drugs is allowed. One of the other ways to do so is, providing solutions in different languages. One can enhance the consumer’s visits by bidding on the words; on search engines, which will divert a certain search to their site. Bidding on words will make their site prominent or appear on top when certain words are searched. For example; they can bid on word cholesterol, when the word cholesterol reduction will be searched, say, on Google, the site of Mednet will appear on top. Addition to that, it can bid on words that are in conformity to medical solutions they are offering. Usually search engines have a record of words frequently searched, from their; Mednet can bid on appropriate words. This approach can attract new advertisers and at the same time, presents a chance for Windham to stay. This can be considered as long term approach, as well. Addition to that, it’s also option for Mednet to start seeking for new advertisers in case of extreme necessity. This should also be the option because as the competition is growing, Mednet will be facing more of these problems. Before that, it should try to convince Windham as they already convinced through their value proposition and ensuring sales because of this bidding. The Windham can also be convinced on their loyal database of customers and can provide that these impressions later converted into sales. Mednet has also a broader aspect, with only represents a category, where Mednet provides promulgated solutions. The cholesterol aspect is only a part in Mednet; with consumers can easily be drawn by using search engines bidding. The advertisements of Windham can be more successful with people visiting for finding solutions for many problems, else than cholesterol. During these searches, people can be directed to these pages, or they checking out of curiosity. Reason being, people are more health conscious and aware of importance of cholesterol. Moreover, the Mednet can also consider revision on its rates they are charging on each impression, especially in case of They have the same value, but the price can also be a crucial factor as Mednet can reduce the impression, at the same time getting more advertisers.

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