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Midnight Networks Inc Case Solution

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Midnight Networks have a distinct culture of compelling people to mold themselves for several company functions which have to lead the company to grow at this rapid speed. Employees are motivated to learn, grow and improve themselves continuously. Everybody in the company is expected to learn other functions and pitch in when there is a resource shortfall.

Case Analysis for Midnight Networks Inc

The company also takes benefit of everybody's ideas and judgment and gives them an open platform to speak and object. The company is also customer oriented to the spirit and keeps all their clients into positive thoughts to bring better solutions to them. Also, people are rewarded for how they do against their given objectives instead of how well they do against each other. If the company grows big, the idea to expect everything from everybody should not be adhered to as this might not be feasible to train people for all the functions and instead separated teams or departments with specialized functions should be formed.

According to the Exhibit 10, Business cash flow tends to be irregular and doubtful and sometimes the loss comes in big sizes in unexpected ways. In order to be organized and prepared beforehand, all the bills incurred must be keyed into the data base with invoice numbers, date, aging from the date incurred against the cause of the bill. The concerned personnel should keep track of all the bills which become due and which make a big portion of the outstanding amounts. The bills once paid should be properly documented with the receipt numbers and the amount paid. The collecting overdue invoices must document the days from which the bill has been outstanding, the amount to be collected o paid and the reasons for the delay. All the items which show amount bigger than an agreed amount should be communicated to the concerned leader as well as to the client who lefts to pay. The steps must include first to give a friendly payment reminder followed by a direct reminder for overdue payment.

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