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Mobile Community Grocery Bringing Healthy to Every Table Case Solution

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Our mobile community grocery store will be in the business of bringing relationships of healthy eating together from field to table. We will build strategic partnerships with farmers and consumers that will allow prosperity for all stakeholders. The mobile unit will focus on communities in which the purest foods are currently not being consumed because the market has no established relationships for consumers or farmers.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution:

  1. What business will you be in? What will you do?

  2. Business Philosophy: What is important to you in business?

  3. To whom will you market your products?

  4. How are we going to educate communities to purchase local and organic items when they have not been introduced to these items?

  5. How do we advertise the mobile market for a successful opening through the neighborhood to build up a good brand image?

Case Study Questions Answers

Mission Statement

Bring relationships together that will provide the purest of products while supporting our local economy. Mobilizing access for all to experience the wealth of healthy eating. 

Company Goals and Objectives
  • Giving access to beautifully grown food to all.

  • Supporting our economy by establishing relationships for local farmers and companies to provide their products to consumers. Relationships in which consumers know where their products have been grown or come from. That develops into vested relationships that each party gives and receives benefits. 

2. Business Philosophy: What is important to you in business?

  • Educate on healthy foods and healthy eating for a better life.

  • Preventive care through consumption.

  • Support our community on a local and global scale.   

3. To whom will you market your products?

  • People with less frequent access to locally grown food items.  

Describe your industry. 

Mobile Community Grocery Store is in the organic/local food market industry. This niche market is growing for farmers and consumers, as consumers want to be informed of the origins of the items they’re consuming. Mobilizing this will give much larger access to communities without local markets to purchase these products.

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