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Mountain Dew Selecting Creative Case Solution

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PepsiCo initiated the “Do the Dew” campaign in order to target their desired market i.e. teenagers. Following were the ads that were used by the company as a part of their new campaign which was started after jettisoning the “Country Cool” campaign.

  • 1992: Done That

  • 1995: Mel Torme, 007, and Training

  • 1997: Thank Heaven and Jackie Chan

  • 1999: Parking Attendant and Pulp Fiction

All of the aforesaid ads were successful as they fulfilled the AIDA (attention, interest, desire, action) criteria. The up surging sales and market share clearly show that the employed ads were successful in inducing action (last “A” of AIDA). Action cannot be inducing via an ad unless attention is gained, interest in the ad is developed, and desire is aroused. Following graph shows the sales and market share of mountain dew during the last decade of 20th century.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution:

  1. Mountain Dew Ads

  2. Ad Leverage

    a. Brand’s Historic Equity

    b. Cultural Understanding

    c. Communications Goals

  3. Ads to Invest

Mountain Dew Selecting Creative Case Analysis

The company has created new ads in order to eliminate the element of predictability in their ads. Currently, the marketers of Mountain Dew have proposed five advertisements for upcoming Super Bowl:

  • Labor of Love

  • Cheetah

  • Dew or Die

  • Mock Opera

  • Showstopper

The details of the ads show that all of it revolves around action, humor, and exhilaration. The marketers have successfully pooled out the ads to extend their “Do the Dew” campaign. Two of the aforesaid ads are not entirely based on action/adventure; this shows that the company has tried to remove the element of predictability. For instance, a woman giving birth (Labor Love) does not depicts/predicts Mountain Dew Ad.

Ad Leverage

a. Brand’s Historic Equity

The company has been successfully enhancing its brand equity by spending a large amount on advertising as advertising is considered as one of the main tools that are used for building brand equity. Following is the advertising expenditure of mountain dew:

The advertising campaign “Hello Sunshine of the 1970s and “Cool Country” campaign of 1980s had already built a base for brand equity. Each of the ads increased the brand awareness as exhibit 4 shows that major area of United States of America had “very high” brand development index; brand equity and brand awareness are a vital part of brand development index. For instance, “Done That” ad became a part of vernacular as it was widely parodied by teenagers as “been there, done that”. Due to such aggressive advertising campaigns Mountain Dew was able to snatch market share from Surge-Yellow Mellow; its market share started decreasing after 1996.

b. Cultural Understanding

Cultural paradigm of marketing has recently gained marketers attention as they have realized the importance of cultural integration in their marketing strategies. Since 1980s, there were five new musical genre that emerged, rave, grunge, and rap. Mountain Dew successfully integrated the latest musical trend in their ads in order to grab consumers’ attention and induce action for purchase. During 1990s, a new type of sports captured consumers’ attention, which was known as “alternative sports”. These kinds of sports were high-tech, creative, and mostly dangerous. Lastly, generation X was cynical towards work-oriented values of their previous generation and had a deeper knowledge about the corporate functionalities and marketing. Instead of focusing on trendy products, they started paying attention to non-trendy products/services e.g. Nick at nite. The “Done That” ad focused on alternative sports as it showed a dew dude jumping off a high cliff. Mel Torme, 007, and Jackie Chan ads also focused on the action in order to depict alternative sports. Thank Heaven ad used grunge music in order to gain consumers’ attention whereas Parking Attendant ad showed the anti-corporate philosophy of generation X along with alternative sports as they Dew dude ignores the business man and drives the car like a sports vehicle.

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