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New Flyer Industries Innovation in Transit Case Solution

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The performance of NFI since it acquired Motor Coach Industries International Inc. (MCI) remained phenomenal and impressive. The earnings clearly surpassed the expected income that was generated in the recent quarters (Thomas, 2017). Through the mid of the 20th century, the company continued to diversify its client base and product offerings in order to grow exponentially. The firm had a significant history of product development and innovation. In the 1990s, the company continued innovation in its processes. It introduced jointed buses and alternate sources of power for functioning such as CNG and hybrids. The company was in addition recognized as one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers for attracting and retaining employees. The compensation packages that were offered to its employees were well suited, the training opportunities were good and the retirement programs were decent (New Flyer Industries Inc., 2017).

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. What critical strengths did the company maintain that were the key contributors to its success?

  2. What risks existed in the marketplace that could potentially affect the company going forward?

  3. Why had the stock price recently become stagnant?

  4. How could the company continue to grow in the future?

  5. What is the influence of external and internal factors in the context of NFI?

Case Analysis for New Flyer Industries Innovation in Transit

NFI was a strong company as a result of the leading market position in the economy, a good product portfolio, constant innovation, a good customer base, and a good management base. In addition factors like the consideration of the perspectives of stakeholders while making expensive decisions also helped the company maintain its leading image (New Flyer Industries Inc.). The core values of NFI were reflected in various principles that were considered important by the employees working at NFI. These consisted of integrity, accountability, dependability, responsiveness, decisiveness, fair judgment, ethics, and social responsibility (New Flyer, 2018). The environment of the company was very friendly and accessible when it came to its employees. NFI certifications were given to employees as a part of training and partnerships with various institutions. The employee survey forms gave employees an option for a feedback system that was in place and encouraging employee participation (New Flyer Industries Inc.). The competitive advantages provided by NFI compared to its rivals included a wide product assortment, a high number of distributors, good industry knowledge, and the creation of a solution for customers by cross-referencing products. 

2. What risks existed in the marketplace that could potentially affect the company going forward?

There were many inherent risks associated with new players in the industry. The company needed to have an established and well-formed track record and fewer major and important customers. The companies needed to be financially stable and have a good amount of capital on hand. The supply structure and the support structure for the company needed to be sophisticated in order for it to function optimally. Meeting the regulatory requirements was also important for the company to function well in the marketplace. These barriers clearly affect the way the companies in the industry function and how the supply is sourced for materials (Americans Took 10.6 Billion Trips on Public Transportation in 2015, 2016). Price was a dominant evaluation standard on which the purchase agreements were either accepted or rejected. It was considered important that the company in order to achieve sustainable success in the market realigned its strategies. In the market, the various transit agencies were thinking about replacing the old fleets that were slowly aging by the moment. In terms of the public purchase agreements, the price was a determining factor. Most of the transit authorities in the US and Canada operated NFI, NABI, or Orion. 

3. Why had the stock price recently become stagnant?

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