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Onefinestay Building A Luxury Experience In The Sharing Economy Case Solution

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When analyzing the situation for onefinestay, it is important to keep in mind both; the guests as well as the hosts. This is so because technically both are customers of the company, that is, it is pertinent for Onefinestay to attract new homeowners so that they can put up their homes for rentals. The unique selling proposition of Onefinestay is offering was presentable, unique houses and apartments that were intricately designed and well-kept by their owners.

Case Analysis for Onefinestay Building A Luxury Experience In The Sharing Economy

Hence, the hosts are providing unique features that distinguish Onefinestay from similar peer-to-peer sharing platforms like Airbnb. Similarly, it is important for the company to focus on the guests as well, as positive word of mouth will help in its expansion.

The value proposition the company may adopt for the guests is translating the features offered into emotional benefits. To take an example of this, the fancy toiletries offered or the high thread count can be translated into refreshing skin care and a good night's sleep for the guest.

Although Onefinestay is providing the essential features that would attract its high-end customers, which included top-notch facilities, however, it was unable to position itself correctly in the minds of consumers, who thought it to be a high-end Airbnb. Onefinestay should position itself as a “home away from home” and not as “unhotel” because this tagline is ineffective in the description of what all it offers (Avery, Keinan and Kind).

There is an ever increasing trend in tourism globally, and business travel increasing more than tourist travelling. Hence, this is a thriving market for the company. Onefinestay can utilize this increase in demand in the hospitality industry, and its USP can help it to differentiate itself from hotels and other options such as Airbnb.

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