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Six Principles of Effective Global Talent Management Case Solution

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932 321 Words (2 Pages) Ganter K. Stahl, Ingmar Bjarkman, Elaine Farndale, Shad Morris, Jaap Paauwe, Philip Stiles Harvard Business School : SMR411
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Building a strong talent base is a big challenge for companies while also enhancing their operations and targeting growth. Companies use different approaches to sort employees. Sorting, which emphasizes on exceptional employees and ignores the majority is called the differentiated approach. The inclusive approach incorporates all employees. 

Six Principles of Effective Global Talent Management Case Analysis

There are six principles that effective companies use to build a talent base. The first is alignment with the corporate strategy. This principle requires that only those people be hired that are in line with the corporate strategy of the company and would add to it. Flexibility is also important, which allows the company to mould the talent according to the new strategy. The second principle is internal consistency, which requires that a complete model by implemented instead of isolated practices. Only consistency can ensure that talent management be done effectively across the organization. Companies consider their culture to be an important source of their competitiveness. Successful companies have started to integrate cultural fit into their hiring process to ensure that the hired talent is in line with the corporate culture. Training can also ensure cultural compatibility. The fourth principle is management involvement, which ensures that leaders of all departments are involved in the talent management process so that important employees are retained. These leaders are involved in the hiring process so that they are liable for development of the talent. Large multinational companies need to ensure that local markets and the HR strategy are in sync. Sometimes some level of control is handed over to the local offices to ensure effective talent management.

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