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Technology Driven Transformation At Comair Limited Case Solution

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In both cases, the Comair will have to invest in the development of organizational capabilities that are required to achieve growth by with sub-segmenting the local market to identify under-served segments, or by getting into the wide international market that will expose the Comair to various threats and opportunities. The strong alignment between internal work culture, human resource’s skills and capabilities and business growth strategies is required to ensure long-term success. 

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. Growth Recommendations

Case Analysis for Technology Driven Transformation At Comair Limited Case Solution

1. Growth Recommendations

Based on the analysis of given case study, titled ‘Technology Driven Transformation at Comair Limited’, the Comair is recommended to adopt a sustainable attitude towards growth, which requires the adoption of a holistic view by stretching the focus from short-term profitability to long-term growth. Comair has certain strengths that can be leveraged to sustain the growth in future. This short essay discusses two main growth strategies that can be adopted to achieve future growth objectives-

  1. Growth within the domestic market

  2. Growth by getting into the international market

Comair Sabre can adopt the consolidation strategy to further penetrate the existing market by a better understanding of consumer behavior and key market trends. It can be done by leveraging the opportunities offered by developments in artificial intelligence. AI-empowered technologies can be used to accurately predict demand patterns. Data can also be used to identify the niche market segments with unserved needs. To adopt the penetration strategy, the company can introduce a dynamic pricing model to cater both- high and low-end aviation customers. Another recommendation to choose this growth strategy is to get into adjacent markets by adopting the related diversification strategy. It can introduce the related products (like rent a car etc.) to increase the sales and diversify the risks to some extent. 

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