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Best Buys Corie Barry Confronting the COVID19 Pandemic Case Solution

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Change management is one of the most crucial parts of any business management strategy. Opting for the right moves at right time can change the course of any business for decades. In the case of Best Buy, the company was able to take many steps in the right direction that too with proper time and resource management that helped in surviving the crisis. One of the main factors that drives change during uncertain times is the clear vision and strategy of the company (Kotter, 2007). The company was aligned with its vision even during the peak of the pandemic and outlined a very clear three step strategy through collaboration. Unlike other companies, Best Buy did not waste any time or efforts on confusing short term decisions rather it was focused on long term value creation. It enabled the company to prioritize its employees and clients.

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Case Analysis for Best Buys Corie Barry Confronting the COVID19 Pandemic Case Solution

The most important step after formulating a plan and vision is to communicate it effectively across the organization. Under communication can lead to confusion and make any change driven transformation impossible (Kotter, 2007). Although Best Buy had to make some tough decisions like making its 51,000 associates furlough, it was able to maintain trust because of open communications. The company even recalled 80% of their sales force when it was required later for customer services because of the relationship is maintained with its employees (Loeb, 2020). The company was able to communicate its strategy during pandemics openly through a plan that was comprehensive enough to cover all aspects of the business (Exhibit 09). It enabled the employees and customers of the company to be on the same page and left little room for any misunderstandings and trust issues within the organization. Barry personally sent a video to all employees that was the most direct and straight forward way of communication during the crisis.

The pandemic acted as a test for leadership for Best Buy as it disrupted the normal course of doing business. During change management, the leadership needs to be able to identify the possibilities and opportunities in potential crisis and should be fully aware about the market conditions (Kotter, 2007). The most important change was a surge in demand of appliances along with increased considerations for the safety and health of the workers. Best Buys was able to change and implement its operational strategy focused on curbside pickups quickly that change the business game for the company during the pandemic. Later in the re-opening process, it prioritizes the safety of its employees and customers. The company also makes use of big data for decision making and planning the operational strategy (Exhibit 09). The event of George Floyd's death and its impact on Best Buy was also well handled by leadership. Not only did Barry take this opportunity to build a strong brand image based on racial equity but was also able to build a strong time that supported the management decisions during these incidents.

The internal decision and management of the leadership matter most during the crisis but the ability to build powerful collaborations can further help in transformations of business. The leadership coalitions act as a leading driver for change (Kotter, 2007). In the case of Best Buy the company was able to formulate alliances with the government and lobby during the pandemic for the provision of its services. The fact that company was able to sustain its business and thrived during the pandemic is largely dependent on its ability to lobbying across country with various stakeholders. As part of its strategy of building alliances the company also stood with its employees and made sacrifices by cutting the salaries of top management. The employee support fund during the crisis also communicated the massage that company take care of its employees during the pandemic and helped in building the partnership with the employees.

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