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How To Write An Executive Summary For A Case Study Solution?

10 Nov 2021

Writing a case study can be difficult, but we have covered it for you. The first thing you often do while reading a case study is to read the executive summary. Isn’t it right? We know it is. That summary gives you an idea that whole study is worth it or not.  An informative and well-written case summary can give a lot of information to the reader even if he/she cannot read the whole study. In this regard, executive summary of a case study is like core of the whole study.

What is the purpose of executive summary of a case study solution?

The basic purpose of an executive summary is to give a strong and deep overview about the whole study. One important thing is that case study and executive summary are two different things as well. So it must not be mingled with case studies. 
Tightly-written case summary can get you to your purpose which is to boost your company’s value. If the reader gets what you actually wants to say, consider you got what you were searching for. 

How to prepare data?

That’s a million dollar question. Data preparation is a step that should be taken care of precisely. While writing your data, don’t put so much information in your case study because, brevity is the key to success; as far as genuine executive summary for a case study is concerned.

What should be included in executive summary?

Executive summary for any case study has a great importance. It is essential to understand how we can write a flawless executive summary. Keep below mentioned points in mind to write an engaging executive summary.

Problem statement

Reader must be aware of the problem in hand. In 1-2 sentences, let the reader know about the actual problem so you can present your case more effectively. 


Give all the necessary recommendations to run the whole study smoothly. You can do the following things to make a mark with your executive summary for a case study;

  • Make a strategy or plan that shows the important parts or those are innovative in nature.
  • There are some characteristics that have to be in your executive summary for a case study like flexibility, innovatory, and contemporary.

Arguments and documentations

Present your arguments and evidence in a way that shows that your arguments are supporting your recommendations. That’s the quality of an enlightening executive summary for a case study. 

Instructive tips to make your executive summary worthwhile

  • Executive summary for a case study has to be written after all other sections of report.
  • You must be aware of your role. This will enable you to write your summary in a better way.
  • Case facts should be avoided. This is a common problem that makes a study humdrum.
  • Such recommendations should be provided which can lead to a genuine solution and outcome. The recommendations must be self-explanatory and justifiable.
  • In executive summary of a case study, you should remain to the point. Additional information must be avoided to make any sort of chaos.
  • Write this summary in a way that if the reader hasn’t read the whole study, he/she can understand the whole study by just reading the executive summary.
  • Be precise in writing executive summary. Only focus on key result that can take them to a conclusion. That’s what matters!
Write An Executive Summary For A Case Study Solution

Key points for writing executive summary

Some key factors must be kept in mind while writing your executive summary for a case study. These factors are given below;

Company background

An executive summary must have the company background along with the position the person holds for the company, who’s writing the executive summary.

What products are offering

Three main advantages must be outlined while writing executive summary for a case study.


If you’re up-to a product, write about the benefits of that product and let the world know how it is important. 

Contact information

A good executive summary must have the contact information available. Contact information includes name, company (in which individual is working), email, fax number, phone number, address number, and etc. 


Source of funding must be provided as it will impose a positive impact on your whole study. Financial figures have to be kept short and concise. Figures must be checked more than once to avoid any sort of future issue.

What to avoid?

People normally mix executive summary with introduction. These are two different topics altogether. Summary in the form of an introduction can never attract any readers. Because such sort of summary don’t have what it takes to get reader’s attention. 

What’s next?

This is all you need to know for writing an imposing executive summary to leave a statement. Now you have written an exemplary summary, move your attention to your customers.

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